Trying the most popular candy on the internet

I’ve saved a lot of candy videos and today I’m trying the ones I thought looked the most fun, unique or delicious!
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Video Edited by Terry \u0026 Now Creatives
I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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  1. Sleepyhead


    4 hours ago

    No- This girl eats 5 tiktacs and has enough? I always get told that I don't eat enough and am skinny but there is no way I could eat 5 tiktacs and not want any more

  2. Monty Forever

    Monty Forever

    6 hours ago

    I love how she just casually says “but I do have a flamethrower” like YOU HAVE A FLAME THROWER like what

  3. The Lia Squad

    The Lia Squad

    8 hours ago

    Hi Kassie! I am one of you’re fans.But I would like to ask you a questions if you don’t mind.first question:Are you and Azzy still make videos together?second question:are you sad that twinky is gone now?( no need to answer that second question if you feed uncomfortable)

  4. tinkerbella_xgal


    9 hours ago

    Gloom talking about how she hates sugar Her two minutes later: I also wanted to try this candy sprinkle gummy donut! No hate I love gloom so much I just thought this was funny

  5. Brandon Arellano

    Brandon Arellano

    10 hours ago

    And he grew like yours

  6. Brandon Arellano

    Brandon Arellano

    10 hours ago

    I have a dog like that

  7. h i

    h i

    10 hours ago

    the fish are blue gummy sharks

  8. hope and faith dreams

    hope and faith dreams

    11 hours ago


  9. Syndey Segree

    Syndey Segree

    12 hours ago

    I love her laugh

  10. Vidal Zaldivar

    Vidal Zaldivar

    17 hours ago

    Those swirly fishes are named after me lol

  11. Leanna Jaafar

    Leanna Jaafar

    18 hours ago

    cassie:i can’t start a fire in the house also cassie: BUT i do have a flamethrower

  12. GamerNoir


    19 hours ago

    If the mushroom sweets are bubble gum flavour

  13. Piper's Adventures

    Piper's Adventures

    22 hours ago

    How does terry just decide to Let kartha break in and he just says ok I'll record her now

  14. ToxicUnicorn


    Day ago


  15. ToxicUnicorn


    Day ago

    Your dog looks like my dog tulip her name was but I had to get her way

  16. Noureen Is always awsome

    Noureen Is always awsome

    Day ago

    "yeah my favorite USgoner is Kartha" LOL

  17. Zoe:)


    Day ago

    i love the dog doesn't even care that there is food, whether when there is food out my dog be like ' sniff sniff'

  18. Shahirah Muneeb

    Shahirah Muneeb

    Day ago

    The gummy donut was from vat19

  19. Lps sugar rush

    Lps sugar rush

    Day ago

    I’ve had a umm bigger than my freakin ipad

  20. Asmr with Marvina

    Asmr with Marvina

    Day ago

    Not me eating ice cream 🍨

  21. Samantha Weisberg

    Samantha Weisberg

    Day ago

    You should get hot water and dip the hot cocoa cotton candy in it

  22. Phoenix Broadnax

    Phoenix Broadnax

    Day ago

    Those jelly sticks aren't sour I tried them before they're not sour and I'm younger than you

  23. HxneyDrops


    2 days ago

    You probably arn't going to see this but you NEEEEEEEEEEEEED like absuloutly NEED to try maple syrup cotten candy its the best thig EVER... (also in canadaaaa)

  24. Katelynn Callahan

    Katelynn Callahan

    2 days ago


  25. Ruby and indy 🤪

    Ruby and indy 🤪

    2 days ago

    I like how she just has a FLAME THROWER in her house and how she is acting really casual like nothing sus

  26. aqua


    2 days ago

    i like the lora croft outfit

  27. Moon_Wolfy Gacha

    Moon_Wolfy Gacha

    2 days ago

    Kassy: I don’t have fire cuz I’m not ALLOWED to MAKE one Also kassy not even a second later:”wipes out a flamethrower Me:mm mmmm I see I see so you can’t start a fire but u can Ok

  28. Idndnd Dzgnzdgb

    Idndnd Dzgnzdgb

    2 days ago

    kassie’s outfit rly looks like perry the platipus and kim possible combined 😂

  29. Sparkling Sparkles

    Sparkling Sparkles

    2 days ago

    Me watching her eat her créme caramels and starts making noises and faces Me thinking it was bad but it was to sweet

  30. Kelbie Manson

    Kelbie Manson

    2 days ago

    Did you know: 1. Aloe vera helps sooth sunburn and heal burned skin 2. It also helps Acne. 3. Aloe vera might help heal rash and it may heal psoriasis plaques and soothe eczema.

  31. Benchtriosimp


    2 days ago

    Yummers=poggers but different

  32. Kyrstin Fackler

    Kyrstin Fackler

    2 days ago

    I do those s’mores but we use mini chocolates and marshmallows

  33. Elle A.

    Elle A.

    2 days ago

    My dog growled right when Anjing walked into the frame 11:38

  34. • alysson •

    • alysson •

    3 days ago

    “I can’t start a fire because I’ll get in big trouble, HOWEVERRRR I do have a flamethrower” -kassie 2021 ✌🏻❤️

  35. Helena van den Berg Seaborne

    Helena van den Berg Seaborne

    3 days ago

    Ok, let's take a moment to appreciate Terry's editing

  36. Annarelle May

    Annarelle May

    3 days ago

    14:43 😂😂

  37. Malia McGuire

    Malia McGuire

    3 days ago

    I'm mad at Kartha/Kassie, like why are you eating the cotton candy so slowly ReeeEeeEeEeEeEeEeEeeeEEeEeeEeEeE EEeEeEeeE

  38. cece


    3 days ago

    the way kartha say chile she says chilan

  39. Moon•love


    3 days ago

    Ok ok why she be lookin like Lara Croft

  40. icewolfandthebeast


    3 days ago

    Kassie:eeeeeeeeeeeeeee its coming through her nose (me:hahhahhahahahHhahhaaahahhahahahahahahahah and plus kassie your name shouldn't be kassie or kartha gewart your name should be healthy women cause you HATE SUGAR

  41. Coyote


    3 days ago

    Semi sweet chocolate is the best

  42. Chrissy Animates

    Chrissy Animates

    3 days ago

    2:06 ✨ ugah ✨

  43. XxGacha CupidxX

    XxGacha CupidxX

    3 days ago


  44. Senem Ekiz

    Senem Ekiz

    4 days ago

    Hit or miss

  45. g4cella


    4 days ago


  46. Katie Toth

    Katie Toth

    4 days ago

    Can someone make gushers with the juicy gel stuff and the really sour sugar

  47. Katie Toth

    Katie Toth

    4 days ago

    Kartha: we can’t have a fire here Also kartha: but I do have a flame thrower

  48. xCharliee


    4 days ago

    Haha your magic mushrooms got confiscated 👹😡😏🐸

  49. Allie wolfie

    Allie wolfie

    4 days ago

    when Kassie tried the last one the first thing I thought was "FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE AGREES WITH ME!"

  50. Bree_ze_Dragon o.o

    Bree_ze_Dragon o.o

    4 days ago

    you should try hot chocolate ice cream I know it sounds weird nut if you like the cotton candy you will like the ice cream

  51. moo


    4 days ago

    none: kassie: ug im gonna get chocolate all over my face 😗 ... GETS THE CUTEST LIL DRIP DOWN HER LIP PLSSS🤨🤨🤨

  52. Aishath Fixa

    Aishath Fixa

    4 days ago

    Love ur vlogs just saw them today and ive been obsessedddddddd

  53. Lin Xiuqin

    Lin Xiuqin

    4 days ago

    Do you like lanky blue well you just say you like a lanky blue I mean Linkee blue do you like monkey box lanky box

  54. ME


    5 days ago

    gloom the caramel in dubai there is a plastic at the bottom and when u pull it it comes out ✨ PERFECT ✨

  55. •dream Pog•

    •dream Pog•

    5 days ago

    Kassie:it's nearly killed meh Draco:😐😐😐😐😐😐bish

  56. Aesthetic Butterflies

    Aesthetic Butterflies

    5 days ago

    What happened to your other dog ?

  57. Ella Dry

    Ella Dry

    5 days ago

    Part 2!

  58. Rajawen Angela Manuel

    Rajawen Angela Manuel

    5 days ago

    I think the reason why you creme caramel did not work because if you didnt notice the girl doing the hack like pulled something and made a hole the reason why is becuase it released the air (i think thats how science work) so then thats the problem

  59. LivieLights_Gacha


    5 days ago

    Where’s my Baby Bottle Pop squad? 15:20



    5 days ago

    My braces rn: 👁💧👄💧👁

  61. Lesley and Winter

    Lesley and Winter

    5 days ago

    Also the creme caramel is called flan 🍮 “fl aa n”

  62. CourtDog24


    5 days ago

    The cone Smores I've been doing since 2016

  63. Zephyr Avila

    Zephyr Avila

    5 days ago

    You look like Lara Croft

  64. Malgorzata Piotrowska

    Malgorzata Piotrowska

    5 days ago

    I had the mushroom gummies from 6:28 in 2018. They're delicious!!!!!

  65. Gacha Mint

    Gacha Mint

    5 days ago

    I've never had a gummy borger

  66. The W.O.H.

    The W.O.H.

    5 days ago

    You should make another channel called kartha gewartb

  67. jade


    6 days ago

    "it nearly killed me" -gloom 2021

  68. Brian Popwell

    Brian Popwell

    6 days ago


  69. Shania Miel Toling

    Shania Miel Toling

    6 days ago


    • Shania Miel Toling

      Shania Miel Toling

      6 days ago

  70. Jadel Biala

    Jadel Biala

    6 days ago

    In philipines whe called the cream caramel: Leche flan( just sharing🤗 )

  71. Taulelani Annesley

    Taulelani Annesley

    6 days ago

    Did you know jelly is made out of sugar and animal skin jelly is animal skin and sugar

  72. Mariyam Abdul Mannan

    Mariyam Abdul Mannan

    6 days ago

    love your necklace gloom! Can you send me a link to the website pls? it really would help ✨💙

  73. Oh_heck


    6 days ago

    12:23 it’s that gumball episode all over again

  74. Sofia Amer

    Sofia Amer

    6 days ago

    Finally someone gets me when I eat too sweet

  75. nunya


    6 days ago

    You know it’s sour when kassie says ohogohogog it’s sour

  76. Jessica Roark

    Jessica Roark

    6 days ago


  77. Mariam Adnan

    Mariam Adnan

    6 days ago

    Where is twinky?

  78. CrystalGem229


    6 days ago


  79. Susan Duncan

    Susan Duncan

    6 days ago

    My favourite candy is milk chocolate 🍫

  80. Addison Wolffram

    Addison Wolffram

    6 days ago

    My favorite candy is Twix

  81. payton fagre

    payton fagre

    6 days ago

    Not my family eating smores like that forever

  82. Playing with Farzeen

    Playing with Farzeen

    6 days ago

    Everybody hates dark chocolate Kathy no offence

  83. Snaikey


    6 days ago


  84. Megan Cross

    Megan Cross

    6 days ago

    Nice hooded seal

  85. Fareha Ali

    Fareha Ali

    7 days ago

    Oh I am farwa kawaii gamer not my phone 📱 died so i am using my mom's phone 📱 ok

  86. Fareha Ali

    Fareha Ali

    7 days ago

    I had a bummy buger

  87. Ariana Macias

    Ariana Macias

    7 days ago

    I thought of Wilbur Soot on the internet part in 0:13

  88. Harmony Chase

    Harmony Chase

    7 days ago


  89. Coco The Bunny

    Coco The Bunny

    7 days ago

    2:02 IDENTICAL

  90. Strawberry milk-Roblox

    Strawberry milk-Roblox

    8 days ago

    What peaked my interest is that she bought it from Vat19 if you wanna know what Vat19 is search it on USgone

  91. Stephen Kyle Badilles

    Stephen Kyle Badilles

    8 days ago

    That Intro Never Gets Old

  92. Anushree's Amazing Studio😍

    Anushree's Amazing Studio😍

    8 days ago

    Maybe Kassie needs to remember twinky. Just maybe. Like if you agree

  93. Cat Feathers

    Cat Feathers

    8 days ago

    "I'm not fully in the mood for candy right now because I ate, like, 5 tic tacs just now..." 😶 uhm. Five? I could eat the whole pack and still be in the mood for candy.

  94. Kala Cosgrove

    Kala Cosgrove

    8 days ago

    You need to let it soak in hot water to get it like unstuck if you don't have like a tab

  95. Franco Mealor

    Franco Mealor

    8 days ago

    No fire yes flamethrower Macs sens

  96. Cute Avocado Cards

    Cute Avocado Cards

    8 days ago

    Lol kartha be eating 5 tic tacs and wene i get them I eat the holl box and I still want more 😂

  97. Shaylynn Luyt

    Shaylynn Luyt

    9 days ago

    We’re did you get the stuff? I really want to know were you got the gummy bear donut and the hot chocolate cotton candy!

    • Shaylynn Luyt

      Shaylynn Luyt

      9 days ago

      I ment every single thing :D

    • Shaylynn Luyt

      Shaylynn Luyt

      9 days ago

      And the juice stuff

  98. The dumb Blonde

    The dumb Blonde

    9 days ago

    They should make gramcracker cones

  99. Methmi Karunaratne

    Methmi Karunaratne

    9 days ago

    1:34 the patreon logo be like

  100. Lucy Marshall

    Lucy Marshall

    9 days ago

    Am i the only person who is mixing up my melted bubble gum and making it like slime and eating it?