TWICE Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

TWICE take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. Who is the best dancer in TWICE? What is the TWICE fanchant? When was TWICE formed? Why are TWICE called TWICE? Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu answer all these questions and much more!

TWICE’s new single ‘Alcohol-Free’ releases Wednesday, June 9 and their new album Taste of Love is out Friday, June 11. \u0026gt;\u0026gt;

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TWICE Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


  1. Sad Potato

    Sad Potato

    10 minutes ago

    Wtf they're adorable

  2. eliza foley

    eliza foley

    27 minutes ago


    • eliza foley

      eliza foley

      24 minutes ago

      SANA i have a crush on sana

  3. T Dawg

    T Dawg

    51 minute ago

    Jeongyeon being the only driver tho lol

  4. Kemplarss


    Hour ago


  5. Paing T K

    Paing T K

    Hour ago

    Twice genre is Twice 😆

  6. ᅡᅡ


    Hour ago


  7. Sean안녕 — 임영훈

    Sean안녕 — 임영훈

    2 hours ago

    6:42 When Tzuyu pronounce her name in Mandarin accent and other members try to repeat it:”

  8. Nayeon Im

    Nayeon Im

    2 hours ago

    What is your genre? Twice: ALL

  9. Arbind Singh

    Arbind Singh

    2 hours ago

    Question: Who is- Twice: AYYYYY

  10. Jules Foury

    Jules Foury

    2 hours ago

    Jeongyeon is a driver 🤪

  11. Jules Foury

    Jules Foury

    2 hours ago

    " Does twice get along " Sana : Yessssss Twice : *error 404* Twice after few seconds : yessss

  12. Jules Foury

    Jules Foury

    2 hours ago

    They act in some mv of got7, missA and others idols mv

  13. swati reddy

    swati reddy

    2 hours ago

    Momo: what is twice feel special about!? Dahyun: out of nowhere proposes to momo,shares her feelings for her🤣

  14. Jules Foury

    Jules Foury

    2 hours ago

    Dahyun is quite shy but here she's "free-talking" (she expresses herself freely and frankly)

  15. Trần Thị Hồng Ngân

    Trần Thị Hồng Ngân

    2 hours ago

    Sana’s english is so cutee omg :333. Actually it sounds really good tho :333333❤️

  16. Jules Foury

    Jules Foury

    3 hours ago

    Cheer up is actually not so hard to learn



    3 hours ago

    Before they answer the favourite thing to do together my mind says "EATING"



    3 hours ago

    When dubu has the most bad eyesight but still can spot a different distances of cameras Me be like:😯

  19. mallow스


    3 hours ago

    twice really don't forget us once's

  20. Sam Tianero

    Sam Tianero

    3 hours ago


  21. rosie


    3 hours ago


  22. Sarah M

    Sarah M

    3 hours ago

    okay but dahyun's pronunciation is amazing ngl

  23. Noopy peutresterprostre

    Noopy peutresterprostre

    3 hours ago

    Wow, that's a long fan chant XD

  24. sakuya izayoi

    sakuya izayoi

    4 hours ago

    Neeed more god jihyo

  25. Ana Morales

    Ana Morales

    4 hours ago

    Where can I get Dahyun dress?

  26. Meike Krüger

    Meike Krüger

    4 hours ago

    I still don't know how to pronounce Tzuyu's name..

  27. Rezwana Haque

    Rezwana Haque

    4 hours ago


  28. Wade Stash

    Wade Stash

    4 hours ago

    14k comments. 13k about mina 💝 I love how once always unite to show their support to Mina , when she's silent in group interviews.

  29. Snow Yuki Yap

    Snow Yuki Yap

    5 hours ago

    Why this interview is so freaking awkward to watch? Even members answering, I didn't feel any mood, because of language barrier?

  30. Gwynneth Lagutin

    Gwynneth Lagutin

    5 hours ago

    I feel bad about mina. It look like she is out of place

  31. Pia Bianca

    Pia Bianca

    5 hours ago

    pls i need to wear ear phones just to hear tzuyu speaking in english👊😭

  32. Meghiam M.N

    Meghiam M.N

    6 hours ago

    When dahyun said amiricanoo Me: chwa chwaa ( hyunjiiiin TwT)

  33. Xena


    6 hours ago

    i love how ackward it is LOL

  34. Eunice Del Valle

    Eunice Del Valle

    6 hours ago

    Am I the only one who laughs so hard because of Dahyun? Hahaha! 😂 Love you all, Twice! 💖 Once since "Like ooh ahh" 😘

  35. Vivi Ni

    Vivi Ni

    6 hours ago

    I like how everyone here are taking about Mina! She deserves it

  36. Korean vibes forever

    Korean vibes forever

    6 hours ago

    Me:waiting for the fanchant to end in 10 secs 1 eternity later:FINALLY!!

  37. monir uzzaman

    monir uzzaman

    7 hours ago

    Mina looks ethereal with that white dress and long black wavy hair 😩💕

  38. Rekzard ML

    Rekzard ML

    7 hours ago

    Seeing this video without much editing is awkwardly funny to watch 😆

  39. Joshua Wong

    Joshua Wong

    7 hours ago

    feel like twice is overtaking blackpink

  40. Andrew Faversham

    Andrew Faversham

    7 hours ago

    They all speak English with an atrocious accent!

  41. jel ly

    jel ly

    8 hours ago

    this interview is so awkward it's funny lol. i love them ❤️

  42. Rups G

    Rups G

    9 hours ago

    I love Twice... but man their answers are giving me a headache. I Wished they had given a bit witty, intelligent answers... And why did the stylist give my dear Tzuyu such a dress..makes her look so old than her age...

  43. Orochi Chris

    Orochi Chris

    10 hours ago

    I hope I'm not the only one who stayed the entire video looking at Momo and Mina, in the moral... they are very beautiful, perfect goddesses with great elegance.

  44. Quehszjj Djsjsja

    Quehszjj Djsjsja

    10 hours ago

    I'm glad you invited twice the best group in the world

  45. Binita Maharjan

    Binita Maharjan

    11 hours ago

    MINA :)

  46. MyBya 마이비야

    MyBya 마이비야

    11 hours ago

    I thought twice is named twice because 2 dancers: mina momo 2 singers:jeongyeon nayeon 2 rappers:dahyun chaeyeong 2 visuals: tzuyu sana 1 leader: 💖GOD JIHYO💖

  47. ER Nurse

    ER Nurse

    11 hours ago

    Tzuyu: *correctly pronounces her name*.... Members: 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

  48. Lafoa Wright-Liu

    Lafoa Wright-Liu

    11 hours ago

    Sana's voice sounds like an abime character. I think someone said the same when she was announcer/MC at NIZIU Project. She sound so cute☺💖.

  49. T.Y .A

    T.Y .A

    12 hours ago

    Oh god they are so cute 🤧♡︎

  50. changmin dimple’s

    changmin dimple’s

    12 hours ago

    5:06 im dying dahyun know hyunjin iconic line ? lmaoo plss

  51. Screenshot Weird

    Screenshot Weird

    12 hours ago


  52. Fer Morales

    Fer Morales

    13 hours ago

    Dahyun: americanoOo 🥺🥺🥺

  53. troi garcia

    troi garcia

    13 hours ago


  54. Blackpink's_ Blink

    Blackpink's_ Blink

    13 hours ago

    Who wants Blackpink next ?❤️😭

  55. A p p l e h e a d

    A p p l e h e a d

    13 hours ago

    Their all so adorable

  56. DiExis ;p

    DiExis ;p

    14 hours ago

    all i heard was "americano' and it was over

  57. NiKki NikZ

    NiKki NikZ

    14 hours ago


  58. XxKatieObregonXx


    14 hours ago

    6:23 tWaIs



    14 hours ago

    Don't mind me, I'm just here to admire how beautiful Tzuyu is.

  60. Vanessa Angela

    Vanessa Angela

    14 hours ago

    This is one of the most akward interview ever

  61. Zek


    15 hours ago

    I thought it was pronounced as chewy!

  62. Lei Francis

    Lei Francis

    15 hours ago

    Hi twice

  63. hotpumpkin


    15 hours ago

    momo is so beautiful, i can't take my eyes off her

  64. Garry Cel Jun Garrido

    Garry Cel Jun Garrido

    15 hours ago

    Mura mga bata hihi love yahh

  65. Jamardee


    15 hours ago

    mina invented elegance

  66. ofc bestayyy

    ofc bestayyy

    16 hours ago

    why does mina look so sad:(

  67. fenrirdarkfangs


    16 hours ago

    They should speak english, that's exactly why Blackpink is better than them, they speak perfect english even Jisoo is better at english, how disappointing.

  68. Lielle Kharisma

    Lielle Kharisma

    16 hours ago

    Twice is unintentionally funny 😭 though can we have black pink nexttt pleaseee

  69. Chubby Mochi

    Chubby Mochi

    18 hours ago

    Look idk twice it’s my first interview I saw ab them, but this is so boring like they have no character??? No hate but they seem boring

    • lele cane

      lele cane

      3 hours ago

      @Chubby Mochi Try watching their buzzfeed interview🍭

    • karumicchi


      3 hours ago

      @Chubby Mochi no prob! :)

    • Chubby Mochi

      Chubby Mochi

      3 hours ago

      @lele cane okayyyyy, that might be true

    • Chubby Mochi

      Chubby Mochi

      3 hours ago

      @karumicchi ohhhh okay thank you for claring it up

    • karumicchi


      16 hours ago

      they’re probably told to be calm and graceful by their agency since they haven’t had many overseas promotions like this and have to keep a good image, also twice always attracts hate easily because people pick at everything they do, so they have to be careful :/ and they’re probably nervous because they’re not used to western media and interviews, i’m not a huge once but they’re very funny in lives, their shows, etc. especially dahyun

  70. Angelene Lazaro

    Angelene Lazaro

    18 hours ago

    OMG Sana's voice in english😭❤️❤️❤️

  71. 고구마


    19 hours ago

    I love how they always answer in unison. They kinda sound like the minions😂😂🧡

  72. Mark Casuco

    Mark Casuco

    19 hours ago

    Imagine if one of them got the answer wrong while synchronizing their answer 🤣

  73. Chong Chewy

    Chong Chewy

    19 hours ago

    I heard ALCOL-Freeeeeee

  74. MardyE Reyes

    MardyE Reyes

    20 hours ago

    Lol Nayeon is gonna be a meme again 🤣

  75. Marked One

    Marked One

    20 hours ago

    There all so so absolutely beautiful. Absolutely stunning in every way

  76. Bee King

    Bee King

    20 hours ago

    this is most awkward looking interview i have ever watched lol

  77. editsxx hidalgo

    editsxx hidalgo

    20 hours ago

    6:23 tuaisss

  78. Brandon Sugiura

    Brandon Sugiura

    20 hours ago

    Such a fun group of ladies.

  79. Gandi Adi Kusuma

    Gandi Adi Kusuma

    21 hour ago

    Feel awwwkkkkwaaarrrdddd

    • pyrocat


      20 hours ago

      its so akward honestly lol

  80. Ale G

    Ale G

    21 hour ago

    5:06 Dahyun’s AmericanOoOoOooOo

  81. being an orbit is tiring

    being an orbit is tiring

    21 hour ago

    When dahyun said "after momo, all the twice members" mina was soooo offended 😭😂

    • being an orbit is tiring

      being an orbit is tiring

      19 hours ago

      @Kim Minari ikr

    • Kim Minari

      Kim Minari

      20 hours ago

      Actually she doesn’t seem to care. It’s us, her fans, felt offended.

  82. James Enzi

    James Enzi

    21 hour ago

    2:50 The moment Dahyun puts her hand in Momo's shoulder and daggers come out of Sana's eyes LOL

  83. Courtney the jisoo stan

    Courtney the jisoo stan

    21 hour ago


  84. Kim Jisoo 🖤💖

    Kim Jisoo 🖤💖

    22 hours ago

    كفاية ان الفاندوم يسرق الحين الفرقة طلعت تسرق بعد

  85. 대수리 daesuli

    대수리 daesuli

    22 hours ago

    Tzuyu: “who are twice members?” Dahyun: “WE ARE TWICE!” Tzuyu: ok next question The person who wanted to know the members names: 👁👄👁

  86. Mariroka Maria kim

    Mariroka Maria kim

    22 hours ago

    Now we finally know who drives the members to see their boyfriends , nice job jeongyeon

  87. TWICE domination

    TWICE domination

    22 hours ago

    Mina is so ELEGANT and HUMBLE that's why she doesn't need to speak up for her to get the attention, because she has the PRESENCE that can get easyly to hook up attention.

    • J Elma

      J Elma

      2 hours ago

      @Wade Stash Yes, she is so so so beautiful

    • Wade Stash

      Wade Stash

      4 hours ago

      She's silent naturally. I love how she never try to fake a talkative personality like most celebrities do

  88. Youtube Premium

    Youtube Premium

    22 hours ago

    Why everbody sayin' Tite???

  89. Sadhna Singh

    Sadhna Singh

    23 hours ago

    Jihyo is soo beautiful

  90. Mochi's Lachimolala

    Mochi's Lachimolala

    23 hours ago

    "Who are Twice members? " Twice:We are TwiCcee

  91. Anonymous For You

    Anonymous For You

    23 hours ago

    No one: Dahyun: Twice genre is Twice

  92. Jk


    23 hours ago

    I need their leg workouts. Why didn’t anyone search that up🥲🥲

  93. Hema Singha

    Hema Singha

    23 hours ago

    Common a fan can lie but a real dancer who's been in this field knows mina is equivalently an excellent dancer like MOMO,pple always think hip hop and free style is the only genre of dance.....if Ur hip hopper I swear u can't dance as elegant as a ballerina dancer which MOMO lacks and mina over powers.....if MOMO is the free styler then mina is the definition of their dances if u don't believe the elegance wat mina has no one in twice has it let alone be MOMO.....

  94. Tabassum Worthy

    Tabassum Worthy

    23 hours ago

    Twice English pronunciation is not good😯😯😯

  95. Rushanay Meeram

    Rushanay Meeram

    Day ago

    You make me feel speciarrr

  96. Olivia Berry

    Olivia Berry

    Day ago

    I’m not even really a kpop fan but this video could make me stan

  97. Uni Marie

    Uni Marie

    Day ago

    I love you 💕💞💖💗💝

  98. damhee


    Day ago


  99. that crackhead

    that crackhead

    Day ago

    We want bts here tooo! It would be fun to ask them such questions.

  100. Su Myat Sandy

    Su Myat Sandy

    Day ago

    OMG their English 😂😂😂