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* KFC Chicken Recipe *
1 whole chicken
16 oz of buttermilk
12 herbs and spices
⅔ tsp salt
½ tsp thyme
½ tsp basil
⅓ tsp oregano
1 tsp celery salt
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp dried mustard
4 tsp paprika
2 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp ground ginger
3 tsp white pepper
¾ tsp MSG
1 tsp kosher salt
½ cup of corn starch
Canola and Peanut oil, for frying

* Chicken by Grand Western Steaks
Their Website: bit.ly/2XuwIMX

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My Salt: amzn.to/2tofZgN
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Smoke Dome: amzn.to/2xAHgj7
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Wood Pellets: amzn.to/2mMOR9O
Weber Grill: amzn.to/2mXaIbp
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  1. Guga Foods

    Guga Foods

    3 months ago

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    • Scott Jorgenson

      Scott Jorgenson

      Month ago

      Use potatoe starch! Better crispness

    • Sebastián Rodas

      Sebastián Rodas

      Month ago

      Hello guga, is there anywhere I can se how you seasoned everything? Big fan from Bolivia

    • Blessed


      Month ago

      How much AP flour that you need? You didn't give the measurement, nor mentioned the AP flour @Guga Foods

    • Jacob McConner

      Jacob McConner

      Month ago

      Try potato starch it's even crispier promise

    • Jonathan Starke

      Jonathan Starke

      2 months ago

      @Mk Guffin yes! @Guga Foods I was wondering the same thing! At what temp and for how long/what internal temp on the chicken?

  2. David Needham

    David Needham

    14 hours ago

    You should try Matty Matheson's pickle juice brine

  3. Twitch Highlights

    Twitch Highlights

    Day ago

    Can you use the same smoke deep fried recipe but with the duck fat ?

  4. MrChrist741


    Day ago

    Should have go for the Snoopdog brine tho.

  5. cap god

    cap god

    Day ago

    not to be racist but some of theese white people who only use salt and peper yall better start takeing notes 0_0.

  6. EverydayFishingMacedonia


    2 days ago

    use potatoe starch

  7. LanceTheKing


    2 days ago

    Jollibee: *staring at the fact they might figure out there chicken*

  8. joseph ellis

    joseph ellis

    4 days ago

    What temperature do you smoke it at and how long do you smoke it for? What type of wood did you smoke it with?



    5 days ago

    This is my most favorite video!! Don't get me wrong. I love all your videos but i am not that rich to buy all the steaks in your other vids. Chicken is what we commonly eat and then this is the most helpful vid. Thank you thank you Guga

  10. Stuart Bishop

    Stuart Bishop

    6 days ago

    How long did you smoke it for and what flavour of smoke? I'm assuming you smoked it super low temp?



    7 days ago

    Their bites are honestly so small or i just take too big bites🤣

  12. Joshua


    7 days ago

    hm... I like the crispy fried chicken. It's like "crunch.."

  13. Michael Gill

    Michael Gill

    8 days ago

    Guga popped up in my algorithm suggestions for the first time last week... How have I never heard of this dude?!?!? AMAZING channel. Sub'd and actively using his recipes in my home. The only good thing about finding him now instead of at the beginning of the pandemic. . . I'd be eating out of control by now.

  14. Human's Extras

    Human's Extras

    9 days ago


  15. TheNostromozero


    9 days ago


  16. Good


    10 days ago

    Try to dip it in cold water a second before frying it. It'll make it crispier.

  17. Samuel Small

    Samuel Small

    10 days ago

    Please make the Churches bourbon smoke house chicken.

  18. A Serious Salamander

    A Serious Salamander

    10 days ago

    Let's feed Angel normal mushrooms vs poisonous mushrooms

  19. DBZknightX Official

    DBZknightX Official

    10 days ago

    Or get it of youtube

  20. DBZknightX Official

    DBZknightX Official

    10 days ago

    If it was the real KFC blend KFC would have copyright claim it



    11 days ago

    Now try with the Umami

  22. Marcus House

    Marcus House

    12 days ago

    What is the time and temp for smoking the chicken? And then how long do your fry after?

  23. Ken Barry

    Ken Barry

    13 days ago

    Hi Guga Can you please tell me if the chicken is cooked right the way through when you smoke it. Thanks

  24. intoTheVoid385


    13 days ago

    The 100% cornstarch chicken looks like popcorn

  25. DBZknightX Official

    DBZknightX Official

    16 days ago

    He should use potato starch it is the best for a dredge

  26. Lugul banda

    Lugul banda

    16 days ago

    afk arena is a coingrave...

  27. p priya

    p priya

    17 days ago

    Buttermilk is age old Indian secret recipe... Not a new invention

  28. Hardeek Yadav

    Hardeek Yadav

    18 days ago

    3:50 nick would probably hate you for not having potato starch

  29. Nguyễn Phúc Hưởng

    Nguyễn Phúc Hưởng

    19 days ago

    it’s like Tasty 101

  30. Desiree Govender

    Desiree Govender

    20 days ago

    Nick d is definitely going to be upset

  31. Javier Mayorga

    Javier Mayorga

    21 day ago

    Hey Guga, you should do tacos de birria.

  32. infinite anything

    infinite anything

    22 days ago

    I love how casually Guga solves KFC's secret recipe

  33. Arturo S

    Arturo S

    24 days ago

    Podrías poner los ingredientes utilizados y cantidades por favor gracias

  34. TRCRacing


    25 days ago

    GUGA have you had the original texas roadhouse chicken critters? They were very unique in their breading and haven't seen anyone reproduce them.

  35. Matthew Weitz

    Matthew Weitz

    26 days ago

    Great video

  36. Purple Day

    Purple Day

    26 days ago

    It's quick and easy just stop by KFC and buy a bucket of extra crispy chicken. Secret revealed!!

  37. JP


    27 days ago

    I wonder if you could add some liquid smoke to the buttermilk or maybe somewhere else in the process.

  38. Aleks


    28 days ago

    Wagyu fat in Germany costs 100ml 6$. Insane expensive. What costs in USA? Thx

  39. Odon Tshibula

    Odon Tshibula

    Month ago

    Confess that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart the God raised him from the dead, and you will be saved..you will receive the Holy Spirit Repent of your sins. ("Repent" is Latin. It means "To Turn Away." Turn away from your sins, refuse to go back to who you once were.) Be baptized. (Be completely submerged under water) And the Holy Spirit will gift you. JESUS CHRIST LOVES YOU God bless you

  40. Stephan Garcia

    Stephan Garcia

    Month ago

    It came out SUPER salty!! What did I do wrong???

  41. Elizabeth S

    Elizabeth S

    Month ago

    OH BOY did I ever enjoy watching this!

  42. WAVMOB


    Month ago

    Hi Gouga, I wonder if the Duck Fat would be a better option than the Oils you suggested in this recipe ? Please advise, Love y0our work and thank you for what you do.

  43. rgoidel


    Month ago

    You smoked the chicken pieces first, then deep fried the re-breaded smoked chicken for how long? thanks

  44. Stephan Garcia

    Stephan Garcia

    Month ago

    A few questions - I’m not seeing flour in the recipe above; so do you add it? If so, how much? In the same amount as the corn starch? How hot do you get the oil? Do you let the coating sit on the chicken before you fry it? If so, how long? About how long to cook the chicken?

  45. Nightshade Kelly

    Nightshade Kelly

    Month ago

    You don't just make butter milk... BUTTER MILK IS THE LEFT OVER LIQUOR WHEN MAKEING BUTTER

  46. Zachery Glomb

    Zachery Glomb

    Month ago

    Just made this and it is the best fried chicken I've ever made

  47. Donald White

    Donald White

    Month ago

    How long did you smoke it for?

  48. Pal Turner

    Pal Turner

    Month ago

    I always k ow when I see Angel is in on the test, I know that I am going to enjoy the video. I might not have the slightest intention to cook the subject of the video but Angel’s response will make the. Idea worth watching. He is a cool guy. I wish he lived in our neighborhood- I bet he would have a different invitation for dinner every night !

  49. Karl shereif

    Karl shereif

    Month ago

    Great video

  50. Long John

    Long John

    Month ago

    angel eyes and tuco XDDDDDD

  51. Muhammad Al Saghair

    Muhammad Al Saghair

    Month ago

    I did the same thing but the chicken was still raw from the inside

  52. Tom Payne

    Tom Payne

    Month ago

    I don’t know if you respond or not, but in the description you say 2 different oils for deep frying, is it a mix of both or one or the other?

  53. Marios Karakatsanis

    Marios Karakatsanis

    Month ago

    So 50 50 msg and smoked

  54. Kami-sama


    Month ago

    I use high quality bread flour

  55. gord johnson

    gord johnson

    Month ago

    Hmmm ? Smoked vs Liquid smoke ? Could you make good chicken with liquid smoke ?

  56. Future Shock

    Future Shock

    Month ago

    Where I am in SEA we dip the chicken into egg before the flour. I am both appalled to learn that some people out there use straight brine, and also interested in trying out buttermilk

  57. idksom


    Month ago

    Note: to make buttermilk you can take milk and add a teaspoon lemon juice then let sit for five min

  58. MrGreenwizard


    Month ago

    Deep fried smoked fish is delicious too 😋

  59. Rehan Baloch

    Rehan Baloch

    Month ago

    U should put garlic powder/salt/pepper/paprika/Chili flakes/mashed green Chili /soy sauce/garlic /turmeric in ur fried chicken so white people can go nut

  60. Bumantara Humm

    Bumantara Humm

    Month ago

    anyone kind enough to convert the recipe into metric ?

  61. DW X

    DW X

    Month ago

    Hi Guga, did the smoking process dry out the chicken noticeably compared to the regular deep fried?

  62. André Hueners

    André Hueners

    Month ago

    Amazing like always 💪 after a hard working day, your videos are like a warm blanket. I love your crazy experiments and it’s amazing results, go on bro 💪 PS: are you somehow related to Danko Jones? I always have the impression 🤣🤘



    Month ago

    Why didn't you try the dry brines

  64. Nicholas Cortese

    Nicholas Cortese

    Month ago

    add baking soda, not baking powder. Corn starch is good if you're making an Asian stir fry type of dish because it will thicken up the sauce and still be crispy, but a combination of flour and rice flour with the baking soda is going to give you something closer to Tempura. Might be interesting with some rye in the mix too.

  65. Joao Martins

    Joao Martins

    Month ago

    The buttermilk and the corn starch made me reach a whole new world of fried chicken. Gave it a try and came out absolutely delicous. It goes to my top 5 favourite foods, and I can actually make it quite easily and consistently. Thanks once more Guga. Just keep up this wonderful form of public service, please!

    • Joao Martins

      Joao Martins

      Month ago

      @Bumantara Humm just salt dude

    • Bumantara Humm

      Bumantara Humm

      Month ago

      do u season the buttermilk or just plain buttermilk ?

  66. Arno Junior

    Arno Junior

    Month ago

    You eat chicken = kip whit your hands just like fries = patat.

  67. Camarosspr Camarosspr

    Camarosspr Camarosspr

    Month ago

    Double calories, do you want to be 30 ponds fatter in 10 years?

  68. Dan Williams

    Dan Williams

    Month ago

    Love this..I had this idea last week...good to see it in action! Can you tell us which temp and how much smoke? It's easy to over smoke chicken :)

  69. YoungGeozy


    Month ago

    Sometimes I feel like I'm right there. And then I look down at my cup of Ramen.

    • Prasun Biswas

      Prasun Biswas

      Month ago

      I'm in this comment and I don't like it.

  70. Tim Peterson

    Tim Peterson

    Month ago

    How long and at what temp did you smoke the chicken before frying?

  71. pankaj kumar

    pankaj kumar

    Month ago

    Try to avoid MSG. It's very unhealthy and is known to cause health hazard in human

  72. Gabriel Davenport

    Gabriel Davenport

    Month ago

    0:19 Down is gaga??

  73. raymond luca

    raymond luca

    Month ago

    i guess i would only want 25% corn starch

  74. Midnight At The Spaghetti Factory

    Midnight At The Spaghetti Factory

    Month ago

    @Guga -what temp / how long did you smoke the buttermilk'd chicken for before pulling it for the additional buttermilk / breading / fry?

  75. mcohen1981


    Month ago

    Hey Guga...try dry aging a steak in JELLO!

  76. Aasim Ahmed

    Aasim Ahmed

    Month ago

    Hey Ganja foods, add time stamps on your videos dude!

  77. One Punch Man Unleashed

    One Punch Man Unleashed

    Month ago

    1:06 "Then I jump right into the breast" i laughed so hard at this

  78. Quill


    Month ago

    Grow your hair back out Angel. It looked cool.

  79. Ryan Chester Rizo

    Ryan Chester Rizo

    Month ago

    100% Cornstarch: Oh it's like a ROCK!, HAHAHA

  80. Teejay Tinimbang

    Teejay Tinimbang

    Month ago

    How many hours you brine the chicken in buttermilk

  81. Damon Facio

    Damon Facio

    Month ago

    Angel look like Abraham Lincoln

  82. D Hasty

    D Hasty

    Month ago

    Trying this tonight!



    Month ago

    Now I want some chimken

  84. Cem


    Month ago

    thx man this was amazin

  85. Xienjou Gao

    Xienjou Gao

    Month ago

    how about pressure fried chicken, injected pineapple with msg or injected salt only

  86. G - Boi

    G - Boi

    Month ago

    I like to marinate my chicken pieces in Yoghurt with a lot of spices overnight.

    • Tom D

      Tom D

      Month ago

      Same sort of process going on as buttermilk, works great!

  87. Bubbletea


    Month ago

    Somehow Gugas chicken meat looks different to German chicken meat....skin is different, too...

  88. Lnz Longchar

    Lnz Longchar

    Month ago

    I want to be your nephew or cousin or the camera Man 😁 looks soooo fun testing all the delicious food 🤧

  89. ItsLooigi


    Month ago

    Why didnt you test sous viding it? I always sous vide my fried chicken. Just gotta let it dry in the fridge

  90. kevin Customs

    kevin Customs

    Month ago

    Thank you Guga Foods . Great video no words to say .. All secrets revealed.. Love you guys 👍👍👍

  91. Timmy725


    Month ago

    Try using potato starch to fry, you can thank nick digiovanni for that one. Maximum crisp

  92. Ma Ze

    Ma Ze

    Month ago

    I got excited for the decapitation po art when he said "you should butcher it yourself" :Ddd

  93. Rasyid Muhammad

    Rasyid Muhammad

    Month ago

    the reason why milk can make crunch is Calcium and starch. In Southeast Asia, we, use add rice flour and lime(not citrus). there is specific cooking lime in here or sometimes people called it limestone powder. lime has high calcium than milk, which you need put the correct amount to avoid it became taste and smell bad.

  94. aintgonnahappen


    Month ago

    How long and what temp to smoke the chicken? It would have to be a lower temp I would think.

  95. Mike R

    Mike R

    Month ago

    Awesome, thanks for sharing

  96. Miguelru Yay

    Miguelru Yay

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    Jim Shannonhouse

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