Stephen Curry recorded 49 PTS (10 3PM) for the Golden State Warriors as they defeated the Philadelphia 76ers, 107-96. Curry has now recorded 11 consecutive games with 30+ points and 2 consecutive games with 45+ points. Joel Embiid tallied 28 PTS, 13 REB and 8 AST for the 76ers.
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  1. kruz3rr


    13 hours ago

    7:02 wrong clip my bad g

  2. Michael Sever

    Michael Sever

    10 days ago

    Are there any teams known for their defense? I've been away for a while.

  3. AllBizz


    17 days ago

    Seriously NBA should add more lines for higher points. I don't think that is to far fetched 👍🏽

  4. Ilan Castro

    Ilan Castro

    20 days ago

    if curry does not win MVP this season, the NBA is rigged.

  5. Mason Jones

    Mason Jones

    22 days ago

    Steph deserves MVP

  6. Lolita Cajucom

    Lolita Cajucom

    23 days ago

    Amazing, unbelievable STEPHEN CURRY. Very nice game.

  7. Joshua Murdaugh

    Joshua Murdaugh

    23 days ago

    Legend goat 🐐 man 👨 to boy 👦

  8. Lawriz Miguel Dotimas

    Lawriz Miguel Dotimas

    24 days ago

    Curry > Curry

  9. Tsunayow Yukihara

    Tsunayow Yukihara

    24 days ago

    are you fucki** kidding me steph

  10. Servant of the Most High God

    Servant of the Most High God

    24 days ago

    NBA should’ve never lifted the shoe color restriction

  11. Kunal Sethi

    Kunal Sethi

    24 days ago

    Don't really get Mike Breen making a mistake that often

  12. AHappyBunnyFTW


    25 days ago

    I thought I was watching “how to grind limitless badges to hof fast” in nba2k.

  13. Darin Lee

    Darin Lee

    25 days ago


  14. Z3tla


    25 days ago

    Imagine Zion bodyguarding for Curry, would be a crazy duo

  15. narjes deoso

    narjes deoso

    26 days ago

    Yea Embiid was good and have a chance to get that mvp this season however I'm not a fan of gs I will give steph the mvp.

  16. Gordon Zhou

    Gordon Zhou

    26 days ago

    #57 pitcher for Philadelphia loses to San Francisco the same day the 76ers lose their 57th game played of the season, also to San Francisco. beautiful script. :')

  17. Pro Gamers

    Pro Gamers

    26 days ago

    Machine gun Curry🔥💪

  18. Pro Gamers

    Pro Gamers

    26 days ago

    Stephen Curry🔥💪

  19. Kevon Deshazier

    Kevon Deshazier

    26 days ago

    Curry deserves MVP

  20. Paul Walker

    Paul Walker

    26 days ago

    They need a dam key player to join them and klay comes back then they can do some damage

  21. Lisa Mandoato

    Lisa Mandoato

    26 days ago

    chef curry 9 3s he chillin

  22. J4y-J4y Gaming

    J4y-J4y Gaming

    26 days ago


  23. Dema Ndamukunda

    Dema Ndamukunda

    26 days ago

    Imagine if Clay was active?

  24. Lexar Juan Josol

    Lexar Juan Josol

    26 days ago

    Hi to josol and rosco family

  25. Mr Beefy

    Mr Beefy

    26 days ago

    Glad the clippers don’t have doc as they coach now he’s the reason why things go downhill it’s a sad reality but oh well he’s the sixers problem now 🤣

  26. Joe Thomp

    Joe Thomp

    26 days ago

    The Greatest shooter EVER. Done.

  27. Moseph TV

    Moseph TV

    26 days ago

    I sit back and laugh cause Steph really is cheat code. Kerr whispered "go off" and subbed this man back in and Steph just went bizerk. Give this man his roses.

  28. George Armerding

    George Armerding

    26 days ago

    @4:07 Curry crosses over the entire Embid with a head fake

  29. Jiu Chan

    Jiu Chan

    26 days ago

    Steph Curry makes watching NBA fun again. Just to see him continue breaking records, and playing at this next level is such a blessing.

  30. Joel Mingke

    Joel Mingke

    26 days ago

    SC shutters record of chamberlain kobe bryant. And maybe next year he will erase ray allen record then enter the 3000 triples that made him the only player make that milestones.

  31. Timothy Lui

    Timothy Lui

    26 days ago

    SOmebody gotta tell Embiid intimidator badge doesnt work against steph, he actually gotta contest the shot.

  32. Loxify on Keys

    Loxify on Keys

    26 days ago

    Watching curry get 30+ points every game then looking at my 2k20 my player 2 points per game 😪😪

  33. CB TV

    CB TV

    26 days ago

    The knicks seriously don’t deserve mike breen

  34. Gabriel anthony Camus

    Gabriel anthony Camus

    26 days ago

    Miss that bang!! from mike breen

  35. Kyle Rebman

    Kyle Rebman

    26 days ago

    The Sixers played well without Simmons or Harris. But that just speaks volumes about Steph Curry, good God he is insane

  36. Kevin Haney

    Kevin Haney

    26 days ago

    I live in San Francisco but I'm a Celtics fan thank you Stephen Curry thank you very much

  37. Vincent DeDonato

    Vincent DeDonato

    26 days ago

    I hate the warriors

    • Zaire Myers

      Zaire Myers

      26 days ago

      then don't watch them the hell

  38. Moebetter


    26 days ago

    Steph is Box Office. Period.

  39. ECELTICS90


    26 days ago

    Curry the da best shooter i Eva saw!

  40. CSXRAILFAN '00


    26 days ago

    Man 76ers had a good win steak until curry and the crew came. 76ers has been doing great but they kinda need to improve.

  41. Aathi Guna

    Aathi Guna

    26 days ago

    1 mil views in 2 days

  42. ben fox

    ben fox

    26 days ago

    Curry for mvp👹👹

  43. Chance Yeomans

    Chance Yeomans

    26 days ago


  44. RODOLFO JR Quiamco

    RODOLFO JR Quiamco

    26 days ago

    What a game for steph💪

  45. Wifis Funeral

    Wifis Funeral

    26 days ago

    Damn I love Draymon Greens game, compliments curry so well

  46. Foreign_maddogma Morris

    Foreign_maddogma Morris

    26 days ago

    Remember when people said he was washed and he came and dropped 62 then SAID he got lucky he couldn't carry his team to enough wins and he doin that were are they now is my question watch how they say well he cant bring them to playoffs and watch how he do it. Then say they wont go to play then he make sure it happens then win a ring and the world will still say sum bs

  47. roderick montes

    roderick montes

    26 days ago

    Steph a little bit mistake on defense and you pay with 3 points shot ha ha

  48. LaMont Melrose

    LaMont Melrose

    27 days ago

    MVP discussion isn't implausible with

  49. udontcare ureallydont

    udontcare ureallydont

    27 days ago

    so much moving screens nowadays. The league needs clarify this rule. its getting out of hand

  50. E C

    E C

    27 days ago

    Curry pull up behind the back .....BANG the fkn chills Jesus

  51. RidgeAZ 520

    RidgeAZ 520

    27 days ago

    Stephs 3s are on a whole diff lvl. Only person who's close is dame.

    • Zydare


      26 days ago

      Dame is not even close, it's klay who is behind curry with dame far far behind.

  52. Adrian Lazaro

    Adrian Lazaro

    27 days ago


  53. Adrian Lazaro

    Adrian Lazaro

    27 days ago


  54. Ryan Luste

    Ryan Luste

    27 days ago

    Greatest shooter to ever stepped the planet earth.

  55. Geoff JaMMan

    Geoff JaMMan

    27 days ago

    @6:17 -that was a foul!

  56. Stephen Davis

    Stephen Davis

    27 days ago

    At this point Stephen Curry is a created player......



    27 days ago

    When Curry's hot he just can't be stopped🔥🔥🔥

  58. Diego Chavez

    Diego Chavez

    27 days ago

    Steph is great and all but players like doncic and trae young are doing better leading their teams to the playoffs with similar or less talent dallas 7th see hawks 4th warriors 10th Doncic>young> curry People will say yea look at his stats when he's not winning but when other players can't carry their team to the playoffs they'll say yea but they can't make the playoffs hahahah double standards for curry.

    • Zydare


      26 days ago

      this is the worst fucking take i've seen in a while.

    • Adrian James Fernando

      Adrian James Fernando

      27 days ago

      Lol Doncic has a way better supporting cast he has the likes of Porzingis, Brunson, Richardson who are much more consistent than Steph’s teammates they can win without Luka more than the Warriors can win without Steph then Trae Young has Capela, Bogdanovic, Collins, Huerter and Gallinari. If Steph didn’t get injured they can be sitting in the 6th right now because they are 28-22 with him playing and 1-7 without him this season. Steph’s carrying a bunch of undrafted players and gleague players.

  59. Mattie S

    Mattie S

    27 days ago

    I've seen Rec games at the Y that are more entertaining.

  60. Jiren


    27 days ago

    Crazy part is...kerr pulls him before he starts trying...

  61. Cedric Lee

    Cedric Lee

    27 days ago

    Steph Curry another 3.......BANG!!!

  62. Coach Reese

    Coach Reese

    27 days ago


  63. Meyowee Yaaw

    Meyowee Yaaw

    27 days ago

    OMG!! HyperCurry

  64. Kieran O`Donnell

    Kieran O`Donnell

    27 days ago

    I Hope The Warriors Make The Playoffs I Hate The Team But I Want Them To Make Because Of How Much Effort Currys Putting In

  65. Roy Benedict

    Roy Benedict

    27 days ago

    I'm so confused with Doc, why did he assign Seth to guard Steph when he had Green and Thybulle. He continues to baffle me with his inability to adjust.

  66. s1ralt


    27 days ago

    Curry doesn't deserve MVP. he’s something much more :)

  67. ChickenBaby -

    ChickenBaby -

    27 days ago

    Bruh get Oubre out of this team bruhh you all wasting Curry’s prime

  68. Carl Cuanico

    Carl Cuanico

    27 days ago

    9:02 bangggggg!!!🔥

  69. jayubig


    27 days ago

    9:20 DRAYMOND KILLED ME!!! HE PUT HIS HANDS UP BEFORE STEPH SHOT!!! HE KNEW IT WAS GOIING IN! LOLOLOLOLOL Yo..ya'll can't let step bully ya'll like this man

  70. TheModer8ter


    27 days ago

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  71. Arnav Penmetcha

    Arnav Penmetcha

    27 days ago

    Is no one talking about the new format of these Game Highlights? I love it, Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4-- Amazing!

  72. Lars - Off Colors' Cpt.

    Lars - Off Colors' Cpt.

    27 days ago

    8:58 *Looney screening Seth from locking Steph* Seth: omf MOVE nigga that's my brother I already know he finna hit it I gotta hurry!!! Steph: -drains it over the guard without even needing to cross them up first- Seth coming to block the 3 but it's too late: NOOOOO I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN Steph: -smiles in superior sibling- Seth looking down at the floor disappointed: always bullying me..we're not kids anymore..

  73. No Cry

    No Cry

    27 days ago

    8:32 illegal ass pick draymond be doing to get pepole hurt



    27 days ago

    Curry makes the game fun for himself

  75. NuSheeky


    27 days ago

    I mean how are we not gone give this man mvp? Imma need to see some insane excuses as to why he shouldn't be mvp this year.

  76. MikeDixie Normus

    MikeDixie Normus

    27 days ago

    Curry needs to insured his hands.

  77. D MC

    D MC

    27 days ago

    Thank god Mark Jackson didn't call this game! I love the Bang Guy and Doris Burke.

  78. Jake-X Whiteboard Cleaner

    Jake-X Whiteboard Cleaner

    27 days ago


  79. Bijay Tamang

    Bijay Tamang

    27 days ago

    Curry has been playing too good now a days

  80. Seth Mix

    Seth Mix

    27 days ago

    Bro oubre is buns

    • xpose bandwagons 777

      xpose bandwagons 777

      26 days ago

      Definitely he just don’t fit this team he can’t create his own shot only thing why he’s still not traded cause of his defense and hustle

  81. Lyon Tluanga

    Lyon Tluanga

    27 days ago

    11 consecutive games with 30+ points??guess that makes him the only player

  82. Xbgibx Gib

    Xbgibx Gib

    27 days ago

    They need to give curry mvp right now

  83. Carlo Castaneda

    Carlo Castaneda

    27 days ago

    American Sniper !!!+++

  84. Phillip Lawson

    Phillip Lawson

    27 days ago

    They left out Stephs 3 to end the half wtf?

  85. Chelsea Kelley

    Chelsea Kelley

    27 days ago

    I love curry hes my second favorite player of all time. I don't like the warriors but I always go for them cause I want curry to do good things.

  86. bothswick basil

    bothswick basil

    27 days ago

    That man cold

  87. Pain


    27 days ago

    9:02 *Curry another 3! BANG!*

  88. Lil C

    Lil C

    27 days ago

    Curry using a straight pack confirmed. Adam silver hasn't patched it yet, and it shows.

  89. Waynero


    27 days ago

    is it just me that nba nowadays is boring. :/ i missed the games 15 years ago

    • Zydare


      26 days ago

      No it's not boring, were you under a rock the past few years??

  90. LostCub 85

    LostCub 85

    27 days ago

    Hell's Kitchen Curry vs Kitchen Nightmares Curry: Which Curry is 🔥

  91. Babyface0603


    27 days ago

    How can Joel Embiid win defensive player of the year? He can’t guard the pick-and-roll. He’s 10 feet away from Steph Curry.

  92. Woah Its Da Khidd

    Woah Its Da Khidd

    27 days ago

    Steph to ayesha leaving for a game : “alright honey I’m finna go cook a 49 piece gourmet meal love ya “

  93. Youtube Compte

    Youtube Compte

    27 days ago

    9:39 all sixers are defending the 3 pt line 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 why ?????

  94. Youtube Compte

    Youtube Compte

    27 days ago

    Embiid ? Wassup ?

  95. Michael Dobel

    Michael Dobel

    27 days ago

    Steph deserves MVP he has carried this squad that went 15-50 last year

  96. Javier Ceja

    Javier Ceja

    27 days ago

    Dwight howard! First one in the shower room last one out the shower room! Hes trying to swat all the balls he can in there!!

  97. Oreo de León

    Oreo de León

    27 days ago

    Curry OP

  98. osareafallire


    27 days ago

    9:19 I cried a little for the defender, George HIll.

    • Zydare


      26 days ago

      he's had enough already, poor dude got swept by curry and the warriors three times.

  99. Alex Moran

    Alex Moran

    27 days ago

    Every time the 76ers have a chance to extend a lead on the nets they alway pull this bs. I know ben and Harris didn't play but still.

    • Alex Moran

      Alex Moran

      27 days ago

      Only when we lose to a trash ass team. Only this version on GS when they have klay they are a better team.

    • Michael Dobel

      Michael Dobel

      27 days ago

      salty i see

  100. Lenard Lopez

    Lenard Lopez

    27 days ago

    Warriors is back