1. The Blondie Boys

    The Blondie Boys

    7 days ago

    WHO HERE LIVES IN THE UK? Also, hit the subscribe for more videos like this! 😇

    • joshua elmore

      joshua elmore

      35 minutes ago

      How do you know about this It sounds like cap to me

    • Krystal Delisle

      Krystal Delisle

      Day ago

      Vieishehhruwpdgwggeourhesne Yetydyge

    • i.am. Mckenzie

      i.am. Mckenzie

      Day ago


    • Umbreon The Cool Pokemon

      Umbreon The Cool Pokemon

      Day ago

      Hey I do and it soo hot out here and we gonna appreciate the light at 8:00 in the evening

    • Waluigi


      2 days ago

      Actually prince charles' wife would be the royal consort not the queen and would never have the chance of being

  2. Panda_boi56


    43 minutes ago

    Dont forget tommy will be deppressed

  3. Timothy Bowen

    Timothy Bowen

    Hour ago

    Party's around the world

  4. aasha collado

    aasha collado

    4 hours ago

    no i hate charls you stupid wife

  5. JOY the jumper

    JOY the jumper

    5 hours ago

    Camilla wouldn’t be queen bc in the uk if you have been divorced and then married a member of the royal family you can’t be queen

  6. Dinodirt100 Gaming and Riding

    Dinodirt100 Gaming and Riding

    9 hours ago

    What u talkin about. She can’t die

  7. Baibars


    9 hours ago

    Means saving money in england is risky

  8. Neil James

    Neil James

    13 hours ago

    Aww man I don’t want to think of Queen Elizabeth dying bc she always looks so happy in photos

  9. Halicia Butler

    Halicia Butler

    18 hours ago

    Did you the white guy in the front was he from little man

  10. cookies4ever


    20 hours ago

    But prince Charles is dead

  11. NedNotFound


    21 hour ago


  12. B M

    B M

    21 hour ago

    "What happens if all breaking news people dies" "In minutes there will be a lot of braking new that all of them died"

  13. Sawyer Hoadley

    Sawyer Hoadley

    21 hour ago

    What about the Canadian 20 dollar bill would it change to king Charles as well

  14. Qube Pig

    Qube Pig

    23 hours ago

    Myth, this will never happen

  15. Mikari6000


    Day ago

    TommyInnit would be really said if the queen died-

  16. JunJoo


    Day ago

    2 days later USgone:Your Video Has been Removed

  17. 𝐊𝐞𝐢𝐫𝐚!


    Day ago

    Mufasa: Long live the king. UK people: Long live the queen.

  18. itz_Not•naya and clover

    itz_Not•naya and clover

    Day ago

    Plot twist:he can predict

  19. Zahra banoo

    Zahra banoo

    Day ago

    If my vish come true

  20. DemiseDarling


    Day ago

    A royal family member died on april 9th, the same day tommyinnit became 17.

  21. thenoodlystorm


    Day ago

    Not even close baby ueen Elizabeth never dies

  22. cielo's world

    cielo's world

    Day ago

    No my cousin is in there

  23. Sarah Hawkins

    Sarah Hawkins

    Day ago

    When William becomes king Katie will become queen you got it wrong Camilla is a nobody

  24. Sarah Hawkins

    Sarah Hawkins

    Day ago

    You’re wrong Camilla is not in the bloodline she will never become queen but he will become king she’ll still be like Lady of the Manor type of thing same thing she is now

  25. Basic


    Day ago

    He said KING Charles so that means that he knows she will die how you might ask he kills her that’s my theory

  26. Ashely Burton

    Ashely Burton

    Day ago

    Me realizing when the Queen dies we get 12 days off of school:👑🔫 😂

  27. IdkWhatToPutAsMyName


    2 days ago

    Your videos make me be scared of life. 👁💧👄💧👁👍🏻

  28. Dylan Sales

    Dylan Sales

    2 days ago


  29. Courtney Hope

    Courtney Hope

    2 days ago

    And I would cry

  30. Leave me alone I’m watching spongebob

    Leave me alone I’m watching spongebob

    2 days ago

    I kinda feel bad for her-

  31. Jorge Parodi

    Jorge Parodi

    2 days ago

    Any minute now.

  32. Marsh Mellow

    Marsh Mellow

    2 days ago

    *she will be buried in a vault...?* what-

  33. btsroblox


    2 days ago

    Smooth like butter

  34. Ardeleanu'


    2 days ago

    I love how he said "if" not "when"

  35. OFC_Natez


    2 days ago

    Wrong 🤣

  36. Miss Muffin.

    Miss Muffin.

    2 days ago

    If the queen died right now i think that Tommyinnit would have a panic attack-

  37. Brad Porteous

    Brad Porteous

    2 days ago

    it's legit her birthday today

  38. Nancy Chand

    Nancy Chand

    2 days ago

    King Charles sounds not good

  39. Ryan Oswin

    Ryan Oswin

    2 days ago

    Um but Prince hareld to s not hear with us anymore R.I.P

  40. Oofer McDoofus

    Oofer McDoofus

    2 days ago

    After, memes will appear on the Internet

  41. Joel Gacias Galvan Babyrev8!

    Joel Gacias Galvan Babyrev8!

    2 days ago

    I’m surprised

  42. Eli


    2 days ago

    What so valuable about a dead woman just asking

  43. Aimanu Lluda Pattha

    Aimanu Lluda Pattha

    2 days ago

    Indians and Pakistanis:

  44. VladdTronn Z

    VladdTronn Z

    2 days ago

    *Shrek closes the book* "Yeah, right, like that's ever gonna happen"

  45. KeriaEdits


    2 days ago

    That's why she never goes outside of her castle...

  46. addy


    2 days ago

    Me being American but knowing a lot abt the royal family and being frustrated by this video: 😓 LOL

  47. Dounutz


    2 days ago

    Did u know that prince Charles wouldn’t be king it would be his son because he’s to old :) weird right

  48. themoondied


    2 days ago

    bruh she is my queen idc if i live in the states that doesnt matter

  49. Wesley Kelly

    Wesley Kelly

    2 days ago

    And lazarbeam vil be sad

  50. Donald Hawkins

    Donald Hawkins

    2 days ago

    I may not be British but I don't want her to die she's a lovely queen

  51. I like Cheese

    I like Cheese

    2 days ago

    Yeah ik this Would happen but queen Elizabeth is not gonna die

  52. Zachary Butler

    Zachary Butler

    2 days ago


  53. julia miller

    julia miller

    2 days ago

    who’s here after she died RIP queen Elizabeth!! 💀❤️🥺

  54. you sus bro

    you sus bro

    2 days ago

    Yeah but that’s if…

  55. Kimberly Lucero

    Kimberly Lucero

    3 days ago

    Princess Consort or Queen Consort The difference between the titles is that a princess consort is given to the spouse of a sovereign prince and queen consort is used for the wife of a reigning king. Camila will most likely become princess or Queen Consort a queen Consort has no military or political power so it's just a title

  56. Ane van Wyk

    Ane van Wyk

    3 days ago

    Don't say that

  57. Cursed Comments Generator

    Cursed Comments Generator

    3 days ago

    Every person will have to wear black. Me who had many black attire: I don't see the problem

  58. Eden Baer

    Eden Baer

    3 days ago

    Could they still use the money with the queens face on it?

  59. rohan danky

    rohan danky

    3 days ago

    Camilla Parker Bowles won't become queen she would become princess consort

  60. Matthew Imm

    Matthew Imm

    3 days ago

    Kids in England would skip school for a day to mourn, taking it as a national holiday. Some people would mourn for 12 full days, but mostly only super patriotic people.

  61. Ansar 5sheri

    Ansar 5sheri

    3 days ago

    Queen is so nice

  62. Jevil Your Local Therapist

    Jevil Your Local Therapist

    3 days ago

    I’m just saying the chances of her living out prince Charles are low…. But never 0%

  63. Xander Hemming

    Xander Hemming

    3 days ago


  64. Mario mations

    Mario mations

    3 days ago

    Like that would ever happen the queen is immortal

  65. Hayden Fowler

    Hayden Fowler

    3 days ago

    And laser beem will be very sad (if you know you know)

  66. romaissawolf


    3 days ago


  67. Robloxlilo 10

    Robloxlilo 10

    3 days ago

    The price died

  68. Just Enya

    Just Enya

    3 days ago

    Btw Charles can’t become king bc he is divorced, William would become the king.

  69. William Murphy

    William Murphy

    3 days ago

    Well what do you know Prince Charles died at the age of 99

    • acvodad


      2 days ago

      No that was Prince Philip not price Charles

  70. Felix Mr. Godzilla

    Felix Mr. Godzilla

    4 days ago

    Why is it embarasing that the Queen dies?(please answer me)

  71. Wheezel


    4 days ago

    Queen Elizabeth is immortal

  72. Tugba Gokduman

    Tugba Gokduman

    4 days ago

    You never know so pls dont say somthing that you dont know if it's true

  73. PigeonBi Open up

    PigeonBi Open up

    4 days ago

    Prince Charles wife would be queen Prince Phillip(rip )wasn’t king

  74. Xdsquare eyed bean

    Xdsquare eyed bean

    4 days ago

    Prince Charles wife would be princes not queen get ur facts right

  75. A random ARMY BLINK

    A random ARMY BLINK

    4 days ago

    It's all fun and games till she pulls her Totems of Undying

  76. Mayank Singh

    Mayank Singh

    4 days ago

    All this fuss for a old mad cow

  77. Shanna Lee

    Shanna Lee

    4 days ago

    What if we miss it what will happen?

  78. Cuss word Sayer

    Cuss word Sayer

    4 days ago

    I will be disappointed if Big Ben doesn’t fucking explode

  79. Zyler Lofranco

    Zyler Lofranco

    4 days ago

    He went to the palace forced them to tell him what happens if queen elizabeth deid XD

  80. Yakko Wakko

    Yakko Wakko

    4 days ago

    Like that will ever happen

  81. Elizabeth Martinez

    Elizabeth Martinez

    4 days ago

    He looks like a dude work at sams club as a casher

  82. Shyanninnit


    4 days ago

    Tommyinnit Would be sad and depressed

  83. Fuzzy Bunny

    Fuzzy Bunny

    4 days ago

    Charles’s wife would be considered a queen rather a royal consort

  84. FLOWER Productions

    FLOWER Productions

    4 days ago

    No offense to anyone but prince charls will probably die before her

  85. Ya boy with tha memes

    Ya boy with tha memes

    4 days ago

    Yea I live in the uk the last one is pure shit the money wouldn’t change for fucking ages

  86. Obi wan

    Obi wan

    5 days ago

    Like that’s ever gonna happen

  87. Divansh Kundra

    Divansh Kundra

    5 days ago

    Queen watching this : *Laughs in resistance 5, regeneration 100 and instant heath 200*

  88. Axczzhel


    5 days ago

    Yeah, if ever that's gonna happen

  89. Patcharee Srihorkaew

    Patcharee Srihorkaew

    5 days ago

    Hah like​ ​​it​ is​ going to​ be​ real

  90. King Noob

    King Noob

    5 days ago

    Like that will ever happen

  91. Landman


    5 days ago

    I am from the future this has not aged well you will all see in due time

  92. Warmthcodm


    5 days ago

    Prince Charles already died

  93. Moonlight Shine

    Moonlight Shine

    5 days ago

    tbh i forgot who prince charles was, i had to search him up xD

  94. EhEhEt ih woh ear ouy

    EhEhEt ih woh ear ouy

    5 days ago

    I dont want her face in the dollers :)

  95. Makenna R

    Makenna R

    5 days ago

    Here's what will happen when queen Elizabeth dies Queen Elizabeth: *are you sure about that*

  96. JLpro06 s

    JLpro06 s

    5 days ago

    Don’t think prince Charles can be king anymore lmao

  97. Guy Guy

    Guy Guy

    5 days ago

    Strong if right there

  98. droom


    5 days ago

    Charles is dead

  99. Galaxy editz 4 u

    Galaxy editz 4 u

    5 days ago

    My mom had this weird dream that she died and was stored in a bathroom without any stalls lol

  100. Yashwanth manju

    Yashwanth manju

    5 days ago

    Bro ur crazy 😂