What Your Fortnite Skin Says Of You..

What Your Fortnite Skin Says About You.. This #Fortnite video contains Fortnite skins, sweaty Fortnite skins and tryhard Fortnite skins! Subscribe for more #Bancily content!
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  1. Bancily


    2 months ago

    What's your main skin? 'll tell you what it says about you if it wasn't on the list.

    • Milan Mertens

      Milan Mertens

      12 days ago

      Jennifer walters

    • Blavacodo


      12 days ago

      Mine will be RAZZ but currently since I’m not tier 50 yet it’s I forgot the name lol

    • Ajay Duba

      Ajay Duba

      14 days ago

      Physco Bandit and Red Knight

    • Scopin Evan

      Scopin Evan

      Month ago

      Diecast. Almost no one uses it

    • m1key1sokool


      Month ago

      Diamond diva

  2. 39 Trees

    39 Trees

    19 hours ago

    I wear the wingman

  3. Lord Pancake

    Lord Pancake

    19 hours ago

    I main Monks what am I

  4. G Unit

    G Unit

    19 hours ago

    The scarlet commander is my main skin and everything you just said was correct

  5. NickPanthers34


    Day ago

    I'm peely

  6. lucas


    Day ago

    chuy mine: xd

  7. Syfx


    Day ago

    I’m number 7 with my recon specialist

  8. Luke Mayo

    Luke Mayo

    Day ago

    I'm a default and I think about skins

  9. Josh King

    Josh King

    2 days ago

    Then there’s me who’s favorite is TnTina

  10. Nutt ili

    Nutt ili

    2 days ago

    What about honor guard

  11. Ryan Trudel

    Ryan Trudel

    2 days ago

    Renegade raider

  12. Namialus137


    2 days ago

    the peely one is so accurate



    3 days ago

    my main is dkin is mannace and ik that i spell the name wronge

  14. Tempô


    3 days ago

    I use fish but I’m the last one

  15. Exotic-Bunny


    4 days ago

    my main skin is scarlet defender and i make it sort of sweaty

  16. Georgi


    4 days ago

    Pcyho?? Echo??

  17. Spxd Fn

    Spxd Fn

    4 days ago

    how about the chaos agent

  18. シ SikoMantis

    シ SikoMantis

    5 days ago

    I wear a soccer skin and the banner cape with the Harley hitter

  19. Diego Tranca

    Diego Tranca

    5 days ago

    How dare u say that about peely I use it because I used to play on mobile and I barely used any other skin and because I don't sweat on people I mainly sniped and it's kind of a meme skin

  20. Whitaker


    5 days ago

    “No. 20 dark wildcard” literally exactly explains the reason it’s my fav Me😨😳😂

  21. Malikye Larsh

    Malikye Larsh

    5 days ago

    1v1 me dog water

  22. Jynkz1643


    6 days ago

    You are literally trye

  23. Forsaken Snipez

    Forsaken Snipez

    6 days ago

    Mine was Zadie

  24. soham kadam

    soham kadam

    6 days ago

    There is no crystal or lace man bruh

  25. Trailer Paul

    Trailer Paul

    6 days ago


  26. Trailer Paul

    Trailer Paul

    6 days ago

    I'm the mystiv

  27. DecialTv


    6 days ago

    Frosted Flurry Is My Babe

  28. salma Bi

    salma Bi

    6 days ago

    I am manic and I am on controoler

  29. The world of Javier

    The world of Javier

    6 days ago

    My boy SoaR Dylan is the clip

  30. Llama_slayer


    7 days ago

    My go to skin is Jennifer Walters.👍🏻👍🏻

  31. Suhey Johnson

    Suhey Johnson

    7 days ago

    i where crystal

  32. JoshieBoy


    7 days ago

    I don't have many skins and I'm not that great at the game so I don't even have any of the skins on this list😒

  33. xWxry


    7 days ago

    mine was manic, and everything you said about the manic is true.

  34. Night Gliches

    Night Gliches

    8 days ago

    Is it bad I own all except for pink ghoul and have used all a fair amount

  35. MasterOfFire


    8 days ago

    My friend has Ariel assault trooper but he doesn’t play that much

  36. Luke's Great Gaming & Adventures

    Luke's Great Gaming & Adventures

    8 days ago

    My old main skin was Menace, and most of the things I said were true! Except for being the best sniper 😆😆

  37. Jaedin West

    Jaedin West

    8 days ago

    My main skin is the super hero skin that’s a girl and it’s the same style as iron man and I use star wand

  38. Yaboyjoey


    9 days ago

    Number 3 is the most accurate thing I’ve ever heard

  39. Cooper Collingburn

    Cooper Collingburn

    9 days ago

    I just keep 1 skin Jone johns and use a new one each season S4 I used Ironman S5 I used Kondor/Gingy and now John Jones

  40. Lil Frozt

    Lil Frozt

    9 days ago

    Your right i main the hero skins and use full white or switch every two games lol

  41. Colejgrov


    9 days ago

    Sad I own all exept for mogul

  42. Dlf Plumbing

    Dlf Plumbing

    10 days ago

    00:16 no back bling with the spetrall spine ah, yes

  43. Ryan Page

    Ryan Page

    10 days ago

    dude dont even mention anime I hate it!

  44. Diamond Hoe

    Diamond Hoe

    10 days ago

    Da hell where fishstick

  45. Bullseye Gaming

    Bullseye Gaming

    11 days ago

    I don't main Dark Bomber but I do feel that way, being the best of my friends and toxic but only sometimes.

  46. Carolyn Lyons

    Carolyn Lyons

    11 days ago

    What is your favourite skin

  47. Feras Ebrahim

    Feras Ebrahim

    11 days ago

    Midas is my main skin but glow is my most used skin

  48. I like money278

    I like money278

    11 days ago

    My skin is the girl banner skin

  49. chris jackson

    chris jackson

    11 days ago

    I have all of them

  50. Patrick drip

    Patrick drip

    12 days ago

    I play mcraft

  51. Ammo Goat

    Ammo Goat

    12 days ago

    Where’s hush

  52. Michael Ndungi

    Michael Ndungi

    12 days ago

    What about diamond diva

  53. HBJbenno


    12 days ago

    What about the frozen nob ops

  54. MG7 Editz

    MG7 Editz

    12 days ago

    My main is envoy

  55. PineappleGamer59


    12 days ago

    I have got the wild cat skin form the switch

  56. Limit.livley


    12 days ago

    What about the survival specialist that's my all time favorite skin and I've used it sense season 1 and I'm very mad it's come out so many times... I'm a fast editer and hit nasty sniper shots all I really play is creative so I doing have a lot of wins or earnings

  57. Emeraldgamer 2001

    Emeraldgamer 2001

    13 days ago

    I've used marked marauder since it came out I like how its customizable

  58. G3nier3x


    13 days ago

    bruh i use dummy skin and he said the exact things of me wth

  59. Mr.Frosty


    13 days ago

    I use dark bomber and that perfectly describes me

  60. JRoyal16


    13 days ago

    Mate what about slurpy

  61. Goodboyhalo


    13 days ago




    13 days ago

    I never wore aerial again (sweaty kids)

  63. Mystxcz_FN


    13 days ago

    when he said about people wanting to emote on arieals it reminded me of this morning when i default danced on one until they left =) in party royale

  64. Jade Goodmore

    Jade Goodmore

    13 days ago

    I use master chief and I’m on PS4

  65. Edmond Deng

    Edmond Deng

    13 days ago

    How did you know???



    13 days ago

    3:26 it's TRUE I used it and I had everyone on me

  67. TROOPS


    14 days ago

    Galaxy scout

  68. King Cobras08

    King Cobras08

    14 days ago

    That was true about me I wear manic

  69. Grand Shapla Community Centre

    Grand Shapla Community Centre

    14 days ago

    As a manic my earnings are $15 from a fashion show

  70. LeoKingYT


    14 days ago

    my main is brite bomber but i didnt see it :C

  71. Sergeant amvs

    Sergeant amvs

    14 days ago

    "number 30 midas your a chill player who loves fortnite storylines but you're not the sweatiest player" Mrsavage"yh right".

  72. Clyde Stanton

    Clyde Stanton

    14 days ago

    Fish stick was scarily accurate.

  73. Cat


    14 days ago

    I use a ps4 and my skin that i use is master chief

  74. Stephanie powell

    Stephanie powell

    14 days ago

    I get sweaty when I play fortnite,my hands are sweaty

  75. thomas walker 21

    thomas walker 21

    14 days ago

    I really only use peely and master chief I like playing different games and im an OG Xbox player so u basically got it right

  76. Henry Shaw

    Henry Shaw

    14 days ago


  77. Ryley Mitchell-Yates

    Ryley Mitchell-Yates

    14 days ago

    he siad no back bing and spectal axe

  78. EnergyPlaxo Pumpee

    EnergyPlaxo Pumpee

    15 days ago

    “When you wear menace YOURE the best at sniping *Me laughs in season 6*

  79. Nord


    15 days ago

    That dark bomber is me

  80. Yeetshan0432


    15 days ago

    OMG in chapter 2 season 5 I always wore Menace when I got it and everything he says about people who wear Menace applies to me 1. I ALWAYS play public matches, never arena or creative 2. I ALWAYS use whatever skin I like, I don't care about sweaty skins, and I just use whatever has a lot of detail and what looks cool 3. I am ALWAYS such a good sniper, literally all of my friends are so trash with a sniper

  81. Legend Salley

    Legend Salley

    15 days ago

    Fishy Army!

  82. YT equable_ripple0

    YT equable_ripple0

    15 days ago

    yeb yeb

  83. TOES FN


    15 days ago

    ohyo darling

  84. meme on meme

    meme on meme

    15 days ago

    Im zadie lol

  85. Its_jason_BTW YT

    Its_jason_BTW YT

    15 days ago

    Its not an anime skin its a comic skin

  86. Yousef Aburas

    Yousef Aburas

    16 days ago

    Bruv everyone was a fan of amazing world of gum ball

  87. Sunny_boy 65

    Sunny_boy 65

    16 days ago

    What about Trigger fish

  88. zhak _56

    zhak _56

    16 days ago

    how about crystal

  89. vicw1986


    16 days ago

    I watch gum ball

  90. Darkboi


    16 days ago

    Mine is midas lol

  91. LuckNoony


    16 days ago

    That menace one is quite literally my friend described in 5 seconds

  92. boybomber


    16 days ago

    Why would you judge people by these. Skin



    16 days ago

    I'm a sweat and my skin that I use the most is the grimble

  94. Erik O

    Erik O

    16 days ago

    Did I miss crystal?

  95. Xz graxz

    Xz graxz

    16 days ago

    My main is siren or spark plug

  96. Vortex Drains

    Vortex Drains

    17 days ago

    where is the aura

  97. shemy


    17 days ago

    My favorite was sparkplug and it was spot on

  98. CourtniHarris


    17 days ago

    Broo my guy guessed my soccer skin I go no backbling with Hailey hitter

  99. Reflect Max

    Reflect Max

    17 days ago

    my main is renegade raider

  100. Nikola Draganic

    Nikola Draganic

    17 days ago

    Same with mando