WHY ARE LADIES FAKE NICE TO EACH OTHER? | Ranking peoples wardrobe Jubilee

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  1. Rene Kal

    Rene Kal

    Month ago

    as a girl....nothing more confusing as an adult than not knowing which friend (girl) actually likes you and which one jsut sayin that cuz she wanna seem like she nice but she actually talk shit about you behind your back, legit made me a bit nervous about making friends

    • Ann Sterzinger

      Ann Sterzinger

      6 days ago

      (Granted, I used to dress like Deer Hunting Vest Girl, but that's strictly cause I lived in Chicago, and I didn't have the nerve to call it women's fashion. The minute I got to a civilized climate I made sure I was looking like a female.)

    • The Affliction VHS

      The Affliction VHS

      22 days ago

      _Pin of wisdom !_

    • mae.


      24 days ago


    • Ulisse aka Nessuno

      Ulisse aka Nessuno

      25 days ago

      Wow women it took you 70 years to figure this shit out

    • Tippytoe


      28 days ago

      I’m in my 40’s. I know who’s fake. Lol! I only have a handful of friends. My circle of friends are to old to care about what people think about us.

  2. dan parish

    dan parish

    35 minutes ago

    Men get along so much better than women. We know our place.

  3. Fernweh :)

    Fernweh :)

    3 hours ago

    I mean… u are kinda right. Although when she said some stuff like “ we are all fire” I agree… Like I personally wouldn’t wear the tom boy outfit just cause other stuff is my thing. Yet I can see she is fire. She rocking the style and looks good and gives off the right vibe. I don’t fuckin know. There are definitely annoying girls sometimes that lie to only check a box of theirs about kindness and friendliness. But most girls in this vid seemed decent enough. Of course anyone would rate their outfit first. They did the best - to their liking. They dressed their best

  4. exactly why L

    exactly why L

    Day ago

    Ginger really looked the best, I'm biased because I prefer neutral and elegant, and she looks very elegant and modest, and her hairstyle and nails are also well done, everything goes together well

  5. jayboy2kay7


    2 days ago

    Love this vid but why do American women say LIKE LIKE YEAH LIKE I FEEL LIKE YEAH LIKE YEAH I FEEL YEAH .. What even is that

  6. Randi C.

    Randi C.

    3 days ago

    1 minute in and I'm regretting Preach's choice. Hate these types of women

  7. GodKillerX


    3 days ago

    Ther should always be a gay always worst thing ever

  8. fab


    3 days ago

    Barbie girl 1 goth girl 2 barbie girl is Nice with it.

  9. Lucsy3012


    4 days ago

    First minute in and I feel Preach haha 😂

  10. T E.

    T E.

    5 days ago

    I don't care. If you look good you look good. All five of the women can get it. Most of the dudes, too. lol.

  11. Tory Mann

    Tory Mann

    5 days ago

    Well wit leather designing for bikers main reason for was practical. Ment to minimize damage when crash n skid off somewhere.

  12. Jimin Long

    Jimin Long

    6 days ago

    Bruv what was going on?? 1 was the worst outfit by far and "barbie" and the "goth" chick had the best looks. 2 and 1 were horrifically boring and pretty ugly while 5 was just eh. Different color and style of plaid would've been better. "Barbie" just needed better designs for her to be number 1. "Goth" clearly was superior to them all.

  13. Ann Sterzinger

    Ann Sterzinger

    6 days ago

    Dude, the boring opinion comment wasn't meant to be any kind of nice. I mean, vest girl is dressed like you. And she's a female. See the problem?

  14. Ann Sterzinger

    Ann Sterzinger

    6 days ago

    Um... Really? Wtf is wrong with kids these days that they would even goddamn consider the J. crew or whatever kind of vest that short chick has on with the man pants. What on earth? I mean, I wouldn't dress like any of them, but clearly if you want to go simple and basic, the other short chick in all white looked beautiful and was dressed to flatter her, personally. Basic Bitch was just wearing a unisex uniform she could have got at Walmart except it probably cost more than my rent.

  15. You are beautiful

    You are beautiful

    8 days ago

    The barbie girl was the most toxic out all of them. Why would you go to that show if you don’t like being criticized? I hope she saw the episode and reflected on it

  16. metalheadlass


    9 days ago

    The girl who got first place didn’t even try🤦🏻‍♀️

  17. Aly P

    Aly P

    9 days ago

    I've had maybe two or three female friends but they were tomboys like me, my best friend since childhood was a boy and when I was a teen I met my other best friend, also a guy, been friends for many years, never had a problem. I did not flirt with them, I made sure from the very beginning there were no mixed signals, been friends for 19 years with 1 and the other 11. Now that I am 28 and we all have our own relationships we all travel together and do get togethers like family (I have an amazing bf as well lol). Slowly I became friends with one of their gf's she's great and she gets me and doesn't make me feel uncomfortable, first gf that actually just accepts me and I love her for that. ♥ She even lets me go to the damn bathroom on my own lol (god I hate it when girls talk in the bathroom! For the love of god let me get to a sink so I can wash my damn hands and leave!!!!)

  18. Sun tzu

    Sun tzu

    9 days ago

    Tbh I don’t khow why but I like the goth girl to She looks like she’s freaky

  19. Amia Simms

    Amia Simms

    9 days ago

    Girls can't do anything without being critizied

  20. Sasquatch94


    10 days ago

    "It looks sustainable". Having bought it a few days ago and propably going to wear it for a few monts to a year (major assumption alert). I have a vest which is almost 10 years old. It still fits. It still keeps me warm. It's still whole. That's good for every fk environment, "sustainability" my ass. Just wear it for 10+ years.

  21. Indi Darling

    Indi Darling

    11 days ago

    Coffin girl stepped to the side like, "Bye, Barbie. 😏" For me it'd be: 1. Coffin girl 2. White on white on white & 5. The rest of them, cuz, no. 😅

  22. Lovaloo


    11 days ago

    Made me a little sad that the men rated the less feminine outfits as better than the more feminine outfits. The outfit they put at #1 was my least favorite but I didn't think any of them were bad.

    • Ann Sterzinger

      Ann Sterzinger

      6 days ago


  23. Christina Keiser

    Christina Keiser

    11 days ago

    I actually thought it was really interesting who the guys picked as the top two.

  24. All Dod

    All Dod

    11 days ago

    Amazing how girls can talk so much about nothing.

  25. Martin Kodee

    Martin Kodee

    12 days ago

    The girl in the thumbnail is something out of dr zeuss tho

  26. October Lopez

    October Lopez

    13 days ago

    Y’all decided to go over a fashion video with adding anything to it. These people have actually stayed on the topic more than most of the jubilee vids y’all cover. I get if it’s not y’all’s thing talking about clothes/ fashion but then I’d say don’t really go over videos of this topic I didn’t get much from this

  27. IDK


    15 days ago

    Honestly man That girl in 90s outfit was so good looking

  28. Britney Robles

    Britney Robles

    15 days ago

    Omg I was dancing the same way preach was when the ad came on😭I love him

  29. BOJO IG


    16 days ago

    " It was at that moment, Preach knew, he fucked up" 😹😹😹

  30. E K

    E K

    16 days ago

    Preach is the most fashionable one in there imo

  31. Mskuma _3

    Mskuma _3

    17 days ago

    Anna had the modest style , in my book she would've been 1st 100% of the time

  32. John Jackson

    John Jackson

    18 days ago

    I want to watch you guys review everything. You guys nail it and are hilarious.

  33. Patrick Tinkl

    Patrick Tinkl

    18 days ago

    These women's tastes are so different, they have literally no base for any shared ranking.

  34. Playa from the Himalayas

    Playa from the Himalayas

    18 days ago

    Men give each other insults they don't mean whereas women give each other compliments they don't mean.

  35. darklightjg1


    19 days ago

    This video makes me feel the people on there think too highly of their fashion sense and then take it way too personally when someone else is not feeling it. They're all smiles to each other, but you can see it's really like Michael Jordan levels of resentment going on.

  36. Mikio Kiju

    Mikio Kiju

    19 days ago

    This 4 guys are liers , barbie and emo girl are just fire

  37. Des Des

    Des Des

    19 days ago

    I mean I think they should just own it. They *should* think their outfit is the best style--thats why they're wearing it. Their styles are all different genres basically so it just comes down to preference in type of style. That's not an insult to any of them.

  38. queenjazz1


    21 day ago

    Redhead was way too classy for this group. And #1 just came from a dumpster dive.

  39. Ellie Fleming

    Ellie Fleming

    21 day ago

    So, I guess you're not going to watch the follow up video of them rating men's fashion?

  40. Ranjan Biswas

    Ranjan Biswas

    22 days ago

    Girl homie act nice to each other but don't mean it(for the most part not everyone) Boy Homies act shitty towards each other but don't mean it(again, not everyone)

  41. SadEyes


    22 days ago

    Honestly everyone was dressed like retards but I feel like the girl who was ranked first got it because they has pity on her

  42. Sara Hall

    Sara Hall

    22 days ago

    100% agree!! The fake nice is annoying!! Be real!

  43. MrJamimo


    22 days ago

    Where's the normal jeans & hoodie girl?

  44. Sinnah Krome

    Sinnah Krome

    23 days ago

    1:02 Pause and frame that.

  45. Rochell Barbara

    Rochell Barbara

    23 days ago

    I think they’re all a little jealous of Barbie

  46. Bandit


    23 days ago

    this made me notice how much harder it is to be a gay guy thana lesbian shorty, most of yall probably forgot barbie was lesbian, but nobody forgot bout ol lucky charms boy😂

  47. Bandit


    23 days ago

    to be fair barbie, and camo pants were the worst😂😂😂😂 but barbie got a wagon so i gotta give it to barbie

  48. Lisa Smith

    Lisa Smith

    23 days ago

    Where do woman like this come from wow

  49. JimMacabre


    23 days ago

    Bro.... can I quadruple like this one? Now ya'll are really fucking with the internet... you are getting to the core of virtue signal behavior and the way that women have effeminized men on social media. We really need to poke a stick at this one cause this is their weak spot. Punch harder in this direction bro.

  50. Ari Torres

    Ari Torres

    23 days ago

    Honestly.. This is why I dislike women 🤣🤣 I am too nonchalant... Why be fake nice?!

  51. D Man

    D Man

    24 days ago

    8:57 I dont know if it’s just me, but the women ended up in positions across from the men with style that matched theirs. The executive and business attire. Visual kei style with bright colors. High fashion streetwear/underground music. Minimal and sharp. Casual streetwear/urban active. I think the placements reflected an unconscious bias

  52. Flow into Mo Unapologetically Misunderstood

    Flow into Mo Unapologetically Misunderstood

    24 days ago

    This looked like a reflection of the guys taste as far as pieces and cohesion in the first girls outfits. It was super busy and practical and when you look at the men two of them were really out there and the other two low key. Which takes me to the least liked outfit, which wasnt my favorite either, but lets me know they themselves dont know a lot about fashion. Fashion is a reflection and an expression. And when we arent sure and secure in who we are we copy until we find something that attracts what we are searching for as well as positive feedback. I personally didnt like any of the fashion pieces, not because it isnt my style, but because they all looked like costumes and yes costumes can be fashion, but what are they trying to portray?

  53. Veritas Syfer

    Veritas Syfer

    24 days ago

    I dig the goth outfit. Okay, I like metal and stuff so yeah I am bias. lol

  54. jjbb84x


    24 days ago

    My taste must be broken. I would have went with the exact opposite of what the women picked. #1 was a little too butch for my liking. #5 was classy and definitely underappreciated. Goth and Barbie are fun novelties (but not necessarily the best daily wear choices in my opinion) And All White had a very clean and professional look that wasn't really commented on enough.

  55. Jazmine Jules

    Jazmine Jules

    25 days ago

    I think fake nice between women is something we do more when we don't know the people yet. Like if my friend invites me to a party and I don't know everyone, I gas the women up more. When I'm more comfortable in the group, then giving more honest opinions with less fluff comes more naturally. I wouldn't say fake nice is a terrible thing, it's just how women measure the social climate before being more comfortable.

  56. Arst Koben

    Arst Koben

    25 days ago

    A smart man once told me "son, don't try to understand women, because you know who does understand women? Women and they fucking hate each other." Also "that outfit looks sustainable" wtf does she even mean by that? 40 seconds in and I have no idea what they're talking about.

  57. scot mac

    scot mac

    25 days ago

    They've got 5 chicks, then 4 guys and something with a skirt on come into the room and is that it?? The 4 guys and their mascot rate them from 1-5??. Great content 🤔👏😄

  58. Blue Elpis

    Blue Elpis

    26 days ago

    All these women sounds so immature like when we were in third grade.😭😭

  59. Gold


    26 days ago

    Umm women wear different things during different phases of their lives Half the outfits don’t translate in real life or professional world lol

  60. prod.ohsamuel


    26 days ago

    this is the last video done with the creaky floor 😢

  61. Emanuel Dargan

    Emanuel Dargan

    26 days ago

    They got no taste really put shortest girl first these dudes would have to bend on 1 knee to kiss her wtf

  62. Ari Alnazar

    Ari Alnazar

    27 days ago

    I actually dislikes lex’s outfit. Thrift store fashion is ehhh. I’m torn between Barbie and goth girl for having the best outfits. But I dislike most of their personalities. Miss Mary Poppins would’ve been in the middle. I would have felt her dress if it was fitted.

  63. A D - E

    A D - E

    27 days ago

    Aye preach where u get that maSk from

  64. luis


    27 days ago

    Okay 2k barbie

  65. Maya Kihara

    Maya Kihara

    28 days ago

    Women have been groomed from a young age to be people pleasers. So it explains why niceness can come off as being insincere. Because for those who don't act as friendly they are labeled as being moody ( ïs she on her period"), or bitchy especially by men.

  66. Derick Tukes Jr

    Derick Tukes Jr

    28 days ago

    For me it's understandable these are women and that's how they act cringy or not. But the women they were all fine in my opinion u had 5 types of women and each of them wore their outfit just right and accordingly

  67. Jack v

    Jack v

    28 days ago

    If you use the voice mod to make them all sound younger, the context would suit it and you would think you were listening to 10 year olds how old are they? Nevermind even with my phone I can tell that they're at least 16 years old. But I could swear but the way they're talking the level of maturity in the context is probably around 10 to 12 years of age. Actually this is sort of like the new 50 is 40 and the new 40 is 30 in the new 30 is like 15. Very immature Society period and many multiples of narcissism with each and every generation, that's kind of subtly apparent there with these girls not having any filter on what they're saying with each other, and the focus on superficiality clothing oh, I can get that it's about fashion but it reveals something darker underneath it

  68. Ryan Andersen

    Ryan Andersen

    28 days ago

    Barbie = Ultimate Basic Bitch.

  69. Diska Kurniawan

    Diska Kurniawan

    28 days ago

    Yo my gurl Lex, should rate 1st for her honesty and what make u comfortable then it's work for you.

  70. Jeremy McCabe

    Jeremy McCabe

    28 days ago


  71. Nero Diamante

    Nero Diamante

    28 days ago

    That's not women's behaviour, that's gurly-gurl behaviour

  72. Chris G

    Chris G

    29 days ago

    Valley girl talk 🤮

  73. Lola Downz

    Lola Downz

    29 days ago

    It's be fake nice or get bitched at for being rude or catty when you're honest. Pick one

  74. Phill


    29 days ago

    The ginger haired girl has class and dresses more conservative. I think she would appeal more to an older audience than the one that rated her.

  75. Phill


    29 days ago

    The way the guys put them in order is the same way I did before the guys even came on the show 😂

  76. deadmics


    29 days ago

    Iq bruh iq

  77. Becca


    Month ago

    I apologize on behalf of females who also hate this lmao

  78. jfree1998


    Month ago

    Sorry but the rude chick in the homeless get up was worst dressed. Next was the one wearing purple zebra shower curtains then goth girl. I put barbie at 2 and the classy dressed girl in 1.

  79. Daniel Vulku

    Daniel Vulku

    Month ago

    I liked the dress girl personally but she's definitely the most normie of the bunch so I get why she was placed at the bottom

  80. Nita Tolbert

    Nita Tolbert

    Month ago

    The faces these brothers are making!!!🤣😂🤣😂🤣☺

  81. Lui


    Month ago

    1-4 is a one night stand material and the redhead was wifey material. She took criticism like a champ and wasn't down cause she was last. She had her head high and I respect that shit

    • Dirus


      5 days ago

      She was a proper young adult woman. The short lady with the vest was casual functional, and gave the same vibe.

    • Ana Wellington 3.0

      Ana Wellington 3.0

      16 days ago

      I think the one in the white was wifey material too. The other 3 would be one night stands.

  82. PrincessTsi


    Month ago

    I know it doesn’t matter but my pick would’ve been: 1. Brunette 2. Barbie 3. Redhead 4. Alt Girl 5. Street wear - she didn’t try at all And I’m too blunt to do that fake nice shit. Girl, tell it how it is.

  83. MATATA


    Month ago

    Shorty in the white looks like she's wearing a martial arts gi LOL

  84. Matt Sukis

    Matt Sukis

    Month ago

    Best take away = Preach rides!

  85. Kristina Amangoua

    Kristina Amangoua

    Month ago

    It’s called “nice nasty” I HATE IT!!! And I’m a woman.

  86. Dennis Moreno

    Dennis Moreno

    Month ago

    when did barbie come with a dumptruck

  87. Thee Ross

    Thee Ross

    Month ago

    I wud pay money to get high on yall couch and listen and occasionally be asked " aye Ross man wat you think about this" lol

  88. Ilyaas Mayfield

    Ilyaas Mayfield

    Month ago

    I see people saying that number one wasn’t actually one and that the dues weren’t being honest you’re really don’t know anything about this like outside of your echo box

  89. BC Deborah

    BC Deborah

    Month ago

    Avril Lavigne reference... I liked it

  90. aBlueHipSahasi


    Month ago

    The comments section is such a huge I’m not like other girls YIKES

  91. Erika Angelique

    Erika Angelique

    Month ago

    im sorry, but im not sure how in the world that girl got the best rated outfit...it seemed super tacky/overly simplistic to me. She honestly shouldve been behind the vintage lady (in the back)

  92. Aphrodite G

    Aphrodite G

    Month ago

    Preach, I feel you. I was counting to ten repeatedly while watching that video too.

  93. Ashby Childress

    Ashby Childress

    Month ago

    She said I wouldn’t be caught dead in that.... pretty sure the all the other girls were thinking the same thing about those camouflage pants.

  94. Amino Amina

    Amino Amina

    Month ago

    Litterally I dont understand why us woman do this it makes no sense. I literally said DAMN at barbies comment.

  95. JMA Kingsola

    JMA Kingsola

    Month ago

    from the black girl to the deathnote owner, 2,1,4,3,5

  96. Ultra Unity

    Ultra Unity

    Month ago

    Thank God your discomfort was so visible that I didn't suffer and I got laugh my ass off.

  97. Katie


    Month ago

    Oh god their voices !! I'm only 1 minute in and I already want to stab my ears

  98. Linux Fish

    Linux Fish

    Month ago

    i cant live without tea so yeah

  99. Shoaib Khan

    Shoaib Khan

    Month ago

    2:00 passive aggression at its finest

  100. Ruqaya Shares!

    Ruqaya Shares!

    Month ago

    the passive aggressiveness between females is what makes me very weary when dealing with women my age. My friends are always 10+ years older... they are wise and they do not see me as their opponent.