Why Avocados Are So Expensive | So Expensive

Avocado has become one of the world’s trendiest foods, but they require an extraordinary amount of costly resources and labour in order to grow. As the poster child of millennial healthy eating, this superfood is now a mainstay for foodies everywhere. But have you noticed your avocado toast is costing more and more?

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Why Avocados Are So Expensive | So Expensive


  1. Marika Red sailor

    Marika Red sailor

    9 hours ago

    Ooh, it's like me trying to grow oranges in Sweden...

  2. Marika Red sailor

    Marika Red sailor

    9 hours ago

    OMG. This video was so full of exaduration...

  3. A human, DEFINITELY

    A human, DEFINITELY

    Day ago

    Mate it's moslre expensive in UAE. But there's so many orchids in my home country

  4. Gooby Pls

    Gooby Pls

    Day ago

    She has an accent but then doesn’t, it’s confusing me. She sounds like american Scottish hybrid ( May be wrong on the accent )

  5. Grren Extension

    Grren Extension

    Day ago

    Laughing in filipino

  6. E K

    E K

    Day ago

    Florida is "The Sunshine State"... California is "The Golden State"

  7. Hammerforge Gamer

    Hammerforge Gamer

    Day ago

    the key word is trending stop following trends and do the research ppl assume were stupid and wont "figure it out" so we pay more for things that arent as complicated to grow as we assumed

  8. Shailen Poojith

    Shailen Poojith

    2 days ago

    Fresh A vaca do

  9. matheus rodrigues

    matheus rodrigues

    3 days ago

    there's a 3 year old avocado tree in my backyard, in 7 years i'll be drowning in free avocados

  10. nikkido tacan

    nikkido tacan

    3 days ago

    Why Avocados Are So Expensive? Me with my avocado tree outside my house: Ahh yes, truly expensive.

  11. beast evil

    beast evil

    3 days ago

    so if i eat avacado my belly won't grow

  12. Brio’s World

    Brio’s World

    3 days ago

    Here in PH 🇵🇭 avocados and not that expensive.

  13. Jhon el Progamer

    Jhon el Progamer

    3 days ago

    in my country its value is 50 cents per unit

  14. Vic hope

    Vic hope

    3 days ago


  15. Vic hope

    Vic hope

    3 days ago


  16. Misfit 636

    Misfit 636

    4 days ago

    I can get 3 for a dollar, so idk why they cost 4$ for a little spoon full at chipotle

  17. nicole montecalvo

    nicole montecalvo

    4 days ago

    2dollars per kg here in the philippines. Lol

  18. North By Veiled

    North By Veiled

    4 days ago

    Um only came here to say they’re not expensive ??

  19. Aviendha


    4 days ago

    They're not... think about them less like just fruit and more like a fruit butter hybrid. Its like 5 for 3 atm and thats a fair price. They only have the reputation of being exspensive cos you pay out the nose to have avocado added to anything at a restaurant. And cos at the supermarket they sell along side cheap vege's that are like 90% water like tomatoes.

  20. Mindspace music

    Mindspace music

    5 days ago

    Today i harvested 500 avacadoes and sold them for approximately 25 dollars...shit...😂

  21. ıno


    5 days ago

    Us in the philippines have a lots of avocado so our neighbors gives them for free and its so cheap in the market

  22. Rinri Kun

    Rinri Kun

    5 days ago

    Tree in our yard :3

  23. Skull Crusade343

    Skull Crusade343

    5 days ago

    Mafia in Michoacan: Let's extort avocados... truly an evil plan.

  24. Arthur Ramm Sachet

    Arthur Ramm Sachet

    5 days ago

    Ok, so avocados are not just for Latinos like me. There are many Filipinos and Africans with avocado trees in their homes in this comment section, avocados have gone worldwide.

  25. Rizla Mbajuni

    Rizla Mbajuni

    6 days ago

    In Kenya we buy one avocado @0.030$🤣🤣

  26. Rylan Storm

    Rylan Storm

    6 days ago

    Cos hipsters keep buying them and they're becoming rarer. There you go. 5 second video right there.

  27. Mifta Khuroji

    Mifta Khuroji

    6 days ago

    It's cool.....one of my favorit fruit👍

  28. Sangeeth reddy Chejerla

    Sangeeth reddy Chejerla

    6 days ago

    I never eaten avocado,not even eye on real avocado

  29. Je Ojeda

    Je Ojeda

    6 days ago

    1$ per kilo

  30. FrosterD


    6 days ago

    Why everything expensive?

  31. Chris L

    Chris L

    7 days ago

    Avocado = Canada & USA Aguacate = Mexico & Central America Palta = South America

    • 696 Productions

      696 Productions

      3 days ago

      @Chris L valid

    • Chris L

      Chris L

      3 days ago

      @696 Productions I'm only talking about the Americas.

    • 696 Productions

      696 Productions

      3 days ago

      There’s other countries than just the Central American ones

  32. Ahmed Ugas

    Ahmed Ugas

    7 days ago


  33. Omen Evildoer

    Omen Evildoer

    7 days ago

    In Ireland 89c....

  34. Hari Ávila

    Hari Ávila

    7 days ago

    He pronouncing it wrong during all the video I can’t- ✨aguAcate✨ it’s actually “aguacAte”

  35. bigcatdaddy76016


    7 days ago

    "Alligator pear"...that's a new one.

  36. Paul Sobrepena

    Paul Sobrepena

    7 days ago

    We have an avocado tree in the backyard lol

  37. gridokun


    7 days ago

    Avocado is expensive Me: bought mine for $0.50 per kilo

  38. Emperor Sanius

    Emperor Sanius

    7 days ago

    Avocado Is Expensive Asians: Wow, I'm a millionaire

  39. I s a O f f l i n e

    I s a O f f l i n e

    7 days ago

    While they're in season, i can buy them for about a dollar.

  40. Ndivhuwo Thizwilondi

    Ndivhuwo Thizwilondi

    7 days ago

    Avocados 🥑 are really expensive🤣 while getting them from my backyard

  41. nissan gTr

    nissan gTr

    7 days ago

    Since when are Avocados expensive? Here in Germany you can get one for 45 cents.

  42. Alex Cervantes

    Alex Cervantes

    8 days ago

    AGUACATE, not stupid avocado, jesus christ these gringos always changing names.

  43. Tadiwanashe Sigogo

    Tadiwanashe Sigogo

    8 days ago

    I planted two seedlings but had nowhere to transplant them so I let them die they are too many in my hood

  44. Sussycupcake


    8 days ago

    But it is not

  45. Lauren Velazquez

    Lauren Velazquez

    8 days ago

    Me: has avocado tree growing in the middle of my home in mexico

  46. Tacobail


    8 days ago

    Maybe avocado will help me poop. It’s been 7 days...

  47. Maria c

    Maria c

    8 days ago

    Feels like we should consider other food options. Avocado consumption is starting to feel like an ethical issue between stealing water from the poor to violent gangs who extort farmers.

  48. Tsukki Swiss Cheese

    Tsukki Swiss Cheese

    9 days ago

    What?! It's expensive? 😭😭 People give that away here tho 😭😭😭

  49. Shel Ann

    Shel Ann

    9 days ago

    At the moment in trinidad, avocado 🥑is everywhere, in everyone's yard or on the side of the road and on the ground.

  50. Ahmad Thoifur

    Ahmad Thoifur

    9 days ago

    Expensive,? Come on bro...travel to indonesia...you will see kind of avocado and buy it with cheaper than other country...a dollar = more less a killo

  51. Wocky Slush

    Wocky Slush

    9 days ago

    Title should be "expensive in America" went to Mexico 2 years ago and avacodos were not expensive.

  52. Cardinal Gaming

    Cardinal Gaming

    9 days ago

    Nani? And here we are giving our avocados for free to our neighbors and workmates 🤣

  53. ben fl

    ben fl

    9 days ago

    Why Avocados are so expensive? Meanwhile in Australia: Avo's $1 each

    • Arthur Ramm Sachet

      Arthur Ramm Sachet

      5 days ago

      Meanwhile in Latinoamérica: You guys pay for avocados?

    • Tenorizor


      6 days ago

      here in the US theyre 79 cents each

  54. δ DioX26

    δ DioX26

    10 days ago

    Avocados from mexico

  55. Anil Thampi

    Anil Thampi

    10 days ago

    We have some avacado farmers in kerala, india. I love some avacado shake amytime

  56. Good Luck Pilipinas!

    Good Luck Pilipinas!

    10 days ago

    "Avocado is expensive" Me climbing the avocado tree

  57. Shabbir Rashid

    Shabbir Rashid

    10 days ago

    Wtf y'all are wild. We get avocados for 25 cents smh

  58. luke hp

    luke hp

    10 days ago

    "270 liters of water..." ok I'm following... "...to grow 1 pound" wtf? stick to one measuring system!

  59. Herosteve


    10 days ago

    It's... just outside. Walk a few meters to a fruit store and BAM. Avocado. Asian countries have a lot of avocados ig.

  60. Kouame samson

    Kouame samson

    10 days ago

    Expensive? Lol you’re living in the wrong continent. You can have 3 big avocados for 1$ in most western African countries ( Ivory Coast, Ghana, Liberia etc.).

  61. Joshua Karr

    Joshua Karr

    10 days ago

    That’s not true. Avocado is cheap as salt now in Australia. I buy perfect big size avos for $.50 cents

  62. Jasmine Frias

    Jasmine Frias

    10 days ago

    I'm so thankful that I am Asian, we literally just pick them somewhere or get them from our neighbors.

  63. 26_Made Sathya Mahatma

    26_Made Sathya Mahatma

    10 days ago

    Indonesia:nonono Its very cheap 😂

  64. funkyleah


    11 days ago

    why does everyone have avocado trees all of a sudden

  65. Tekk Savvy

    Tekk Savvy

    12 days ago


  66. Tekk Savvy

    Tekk Savvy

    12 days ago


  67. Honey Cordova

    Honey Cordova

    12 days ago

    It isn't hahahhaha. It's just 40pesos per kilo in Philippines ($0.80)

  68. Miggy Sabalza

    Miggy Sabalza

    12 days ago

    Eating 1 kg of avocado while watching 😅 from my backyard

  69. Miggy Sabalza

    Miggy Sabalza

    12 days ago

    Avocado here are free, from the philippines

  70. Roger Szmodis

    Roger Szmodis

    13 days ago

    As a millennial, avocado toast is the reason I don’t own a house. I don’t even like avocado.

  71. Noel Kunz

    Noel Kunz

    13 days ago

    Expensive because the hipsters found out about it.

  72. Raw Bacon

    Raw Bacon

    13 days ago

    They're not really that expensive but I suspect there's a massive amount of waste......I think tons of them get tossed at home and in the store because they get over ripe before they're used or bought.

  73. Jhopeshinesbrighterthanmyfuture


    13 days ago

    My grandma has like 3 trees of avocado in her backyard of her house in my village and trust me they are double in size of what most American grocery stores have

  74. Ash


    13 days ago

    I'm suprised that no one is talking about how it's name translates to testicle-

  75. TheCCPfearsANZ


    13 days ago

    Because they use 20 times as much water as potatoes to grow.

  76. Truth Gears Guilty

    Truth Gears Guilty

    14 days ago


  77. PenaPVP


    14 days ago

    Avocados from Mexico

  78. Lilo Paynelinson

    Lilo Paynelinson

    14 days ago

    fookin avocados

  79. huyget li

    huyget li

    14 days ago

    Avocados Are not Expensive at all .

  80. Lachlan Key

    Lachlan Key

    15 days ago


  81. Carlos Chacal

    Carlos Chacal

    15 days ago

    In my country they rot on the streets. No expensive at all.

  82. Victorious Xd

    Victorious Xd

    16 days ago

    When I was in the Philippines I mostly didn’t eat a lot cause I know there’ll still be more left, but now that I’m in States I barely eat avocados anymore cause it’s frekin expensive LMAO

  83. BeYg


    16 days ago

    avocadoes from Mexico

  84. James Galvez

    James Galvez

    16 days ago

    I managed to grow 3 avocado trees in east Texas and I just let the wild hogs eat the falling avocados. I need to start selling them...

  85. The Awesome Pie126

    The Awesome Pie126

    17 days ago

    Bruh prolly another reason why avacados are hella expensive is cause of the cartels of Mexico tryna get control of the fruit buissness.

  86. Ana Luísa

    Ana Luísa

    17 days ago

    And here we are in my city having avocado trees in our backyard, saving a lot of money 😂

    • Ana Luísa

      Ana Luísa

      17 days ago

      It isn't that hard to grow at all, my brother was into it when he was like 10 and he grew a lot of seeds so easily, as a child!!! It's so freaking easy to grow it in south america, you are kidding me that it's that expensive in the us lol I'm really grateful I'm not an USian

  87. Steven Smith

    Steven Smith

    17 days ago

    Let’s be real they got expensive when white people began to like them!!! I grew up eating them everyday and they were always cheap!!!

  88. hue tran

    hue tran

    17 days ago

    Avocado is cheap here in Viet Nam

  89. Erik Anthes

    Erik Anthes

    17 days ago

    Guess what, plants require water. And turn dreaded carbon into the oxygen you waste.

  90. Minh Long Hoàng

    Minh Long Hoàng

    17 days ago

    Actually in Vietnam, avocados are pretty cheap :v

  91. X Æ A-12

    X Æ A-12

    18 days ago

    In India most of people just waste avocado cause no one like to eat.

  92. Imatsoup


    18 days ago

    I didn’t know avocados were expensive

  93. pete49327


    18 days ago

    Well, I've been buying avocados at Wal Mart this summer so far, at $.79 each. I put them in a paper bag on counter from 2 to 5 days and they have all been great. About the same price as the average Gala apple. Twice as expensive as a banana or more, but the avocado has twice the potassium content by wt.

  94. Rahat Ally

    Rahat Ally

    20 days ago


  95. Yanlin A.L.

    Yanlin A.L.

    21 day ago

    Title: Why Avocados Are So Expensive The avocado tree in my backyard: Am I a joke to you?

  96. Mohamed Anfas

    Mohamed Anfas

    21 day ago

    While there are Cashews, Pistachios , Almonds etc..., Why Avocados into the topic of expensiveness?. In our blessed country , many types of seeds we throw into the soil, it grows effortlessly. No maintenance needed😂😂😂. Avocados are one of them. 6 of them 1$

  97. Gage Metcalf

    Gage Metcalf

    21 day ago

    Guys $2.10 for one dang I am going to go broke

  98. Alicia Guerra-Salazar

    Alicia Guerra-Salazar

    22 days ago

    Many times the man wants to force a tree or plant to grow in the wrong place, producing a lot of work and money consumption, this is what happened in California. As a Mexican that I am, I remember that we ate cutting them from the tree and put them in a freshly made tortilla and salt and it was a delight. I remember that Trump stopped a shipment of avocados to the USA at the border and Japan reacted and said: I want them all.

  99. Hendry Hendry

    Hendry Hendry

    22 days ago

    Avocado in indonesia is very cheap

  100. Brian Wilson

    Brian Wilson

    22 days ago

    I eat 10 avocados at one meal. I'm raw vegan