Why I've Never Had a Boyfriend (the truth)

the truth about why I have been single...my entire life. lol

HI ANGELS - welcome to another - today I am spilling the tea on why I have never had a boyfriend. From my first kiss to my first time, I'm telling the story of my love life in my own words...

featuring some laughs and some tears too.

Enjoy the honesty...it's nice to talk about :) I love you.

3,390,000 kisses!
Amber :)

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  1. La Davi

    La Davi

    15 hours ago

    I'm not crying your crying

  2. La Davi

    La Davi

    15 hours ago

    Being single is the time of your life!

  3. Me Smith

    Me Smith

    6 days ago

    You like girls.

  4. gabby


    12 days ago

    colby is the one

  5. mlly


    12 days ago


  6. Sandra Plumley

    Sandra Plumley

    12 days ago

    Perfect ❤️ take your time, make it real. Smart girl

  7. Mima Nina

    Mima Nina

    14 days ago

    Your soul is beautiiiiiiiiiiiiiiful,wow

  8. Mallarvi Nai

    Mallarvi Nai

    14 days ago

    This girl should so be friends with dani. Danielle mansutti on youtube. They'll be best friends for sure.

  9. tutje Hola

    tutje Hola

    15 days ago

    I wish for you to meet a good guy,who loves you unconditionally,with lott's of happiness and joy♡ I lost my mom too due to cancer as well..Itt's okay to feel what you feel girl 😧..They are watching over us now,may our beloved angels rip🌹.. ♡😘Big Hugg

  10. Mia queen

    Mia queen

    15 days ago

    I thought I was weird. I couldn't find anyone I liked enough to envision myself in the future with, so I just didnt have a boyfriend. The I finally had that heart stopping moment with my now husband and everything went so quick. We started dating and 2 months later were married. We celebrated our 10 year anniversary and have 2 wonderful children!

  11. Giulia Zumba

    Giulia Zumba

    18 days ago

    OMG I LOVED BEING SINGLE!!! ❤️ It‘s amazing. I found a very nice bf though, he is so chill. Whenever he doesn’t want to join, I can still do whatever I want, even visiting a male friend in another city, no jealousy. We cuddle all day long, sometimes with our cat babies 🥰 He supports me, I can hug him whenever I want to. It’s the gorgeous relationship without the lack of freedom.

  12. howiezzz


    19 days ago

    Love jus happens amber I know someone like u !!it will happen don't worry

  13. Neha Alif

    Neha Alif

    20 days ago

    So relatable .. I hope u find ur true love

  14. Satoru Gojo

    Satoru Gojo

    20 days ago

    Really love amber but It really is possible to have not necessarily too high of standards, but too specific of standards. Advice from someone who is engaged after 7 years of dating the same person: The idea behind standards is for them to be broad. Instead of thinking: my ideal man has dark hair, blue eyes, is at least 6’0 and makes at least 100,000 a year, think: My ideal man is attractive to me, taller than me, smart and successful This opens more doors for you to get to know different people. Keep your mind open when looking for love. Also don’t be afraid to add in specifics about your love language. “My ideal man enjoys cuddling on the couch” “he enjoys buying me gifts” etc. Knowing those things about yourself will help you rule out relationships that aren’t working right. Don’t forget to be receptive to your partners wants too! The most important piece of the puzzle is compromise. If you want a relationship to work out, you need to be willing to see their side. He also has standards believe it or not, and it’s up to you to meet him where he is at. This doesn’t mean to change yourself, it just means to understand what he is looking for, understanding if you can’t be everything he wants, and understanding that he can’t be everything that you want. The perfect person doesn’t exist. It’s called unconditional love because, he must have faults that you can look past. If he has a fault that you can’t get over, you can’t try to change him into what you want, just break things off. I will also say, that you need to avoid being selfish. Do nice things for him once in a while. Bake him something. Men love to be shown affection too! My last piece of advice, is: only date someone you would want to be friends with. Think about it. If you’re going to spend the rest of your life with this person, be with them all the time in hour home, wouldn’t you rather it be someone who you can have fun with? Someone you love spending time with and can share experiences with. This final point is what led me to the love of my life. We were best friends first, and after 2 years of friendship started dating. The rest is history, and we are engaged. This is all drawn from my personal experience, so good luck to all of you here in the comments.

  15. Lydia Eve

    Lydia Eve

    20 days ago

    i still haven’t found my person either! your soul is genuinely the purest ❤️ you will find your person and they will love everything about you!! you’re a queen!

  16. Kiki Purchases

    Kiki Purchases

    22 days ago

    In 2021 it's more respected if you've had less bed partners and less relationships, since majority of population sleeps around like people in. 70s/80s. Every time I tell a guy that I've only had 1 relationship and I don't sleep around, they don't believe that because they don't know any girl who does it. I personally respect people more if they wait for perfect person than look for something better every time (random hookups), since they have patience, morals and they are ready to spend their time on someone who is worth it, not someone who is just one night. I still remember how in early 2000s it was popular to date around and if you slept with someone, it was like WOW so cool. Now its complete opposite. Love it!

  17. party party yeah

    party party yeah

    24 days ago

    I'm 21 and i've been single my whole life , never kissed , never made love , it's cool tho i'm free to do anything i want 😂😂 but sometime i just want to (try) being in love 😢💗

  18. Wynona Galvez

    Wynona Galvez

    27 days ago

    "the bar should always be high, it's your heart and nothing deserves a highber bar than that" YES QUEEN

  19. Alexa Cavazos

    Alexa Cavazos

    28 days ago

    And plus you’re beautiful the way you are you don’t need a man stay strong but there’s a time in the life that you want to date somebody and I respect that ❤️❤️

  20. Alexandria Marinosci

    Alexandria Marinosci

    28 days ago

    i feel like colby brock is a friend with benifits

    • I’m not perfect because I’m me.

      I’m not perfect because I’m me.

      22 days ago

      Can you please stop making rumors? Just because they have a flirty friendship, doesn’t mean they have a FWB. Because it’s none of our business

  21. Jean K

    Jean K

    28 days ago

    Haven't you hooked up tho..

  22. Inlovewithknj


    28 days ago

    My new favorite video

  23. Maria Clara

    Maria Clara

    29 days ago

    Omg she's so amazing

  24. Leah Rowe

    Leah Rowe

    29 days ago

    Colbyyyyy Brock.......❤️

    • Leah Rowe

      Leah Rowe

      22 days ago

      @I’m not perfect because I’m me. for now

    • I’m not perfect because I’m me.

      I’m not perfect because I’m me.

      22 days ago

      They’re just friends

  25. Olivia Paley

    Olivia Paley

    Month ago

    when she said I can't even think of one man that I have not gone out with, Immediately after I was like, FiCTIonAL BoyS.

  26. Han Huynh

    Han Huynh

    Month ago


  27. Naomi Taufa

    Naomi Taufa

    Month ago

    4:26 & 5:20 😭😭😭 You're a real Queen and my Inspiration ♡.. stay strong @amberscholl

  28. Grace Davis

    Grace Davis

    Month ago

    I pray you get a Husband just like your Grandfather was, someone that will think you are gorgeous when you are sick and will care for you with true authentic untoxic pure unconditional love for the rest of your life!

  29. Phil Overson

    Phil Overson

    Month ago

    Isn't Colby Brock single?!?! Y'all are so cute with each other

  30. Dusty Knee

    Dusty Knee

    Month ago

    I’ve been seeing this video on repeat everyday since I found out the guy I liked hooked up with a girl and was was just playing with my feeling with sweet talk, he was the first dude I ever felt like this, was hoping we would date but I’m so glad I never told him I had strong feelings for him. He was not my person and I’m now okay with that because “there’s someone looking at the stars wishing for me too” and I will wait for that person. Thankyou so much Amber for this video :) You really are helping me out to get through this 💕 much much love to you

  31. Maria Elisa

    Maria Elisa

    Month ago

    Amber really said her grandfather taught her to never lower her expectations for what she deserves and that’s literally is what she is waiting for what she deserves!!!! and that is beautiful unconditional love that is perfect for her. I LOVE YOU AMBER you have such a magical soul ❤️

  32. Jess Szymanska

    Jess Szymanska

    Month ago

    The story of your grandparents reminds me of my parents my dad was dating someone else at 14 and leaving church he yelled to my mom I’m gonna marry you one day your meant for me and they stayed happily married till my mom passed away from cancer at the age of 55 in 2019 and I won’t forget how much my dad did and was there for her! After she passed I cried and thanked him for everything he did for her! It’s hard to find that kind of love now a days since everything in this world is so much different then our grandparents and parents time

  33. Nádia Martins

    Nádia Martins

    Month ago

    You have to learn how to be single and lonely first to then be able to be with somebody and have balance. Everything happens for a reason and love usually comes when you are not searching for it. When you are ready things will happen so its not up to u, dw it will come eventually.

  34. Camilla Larsen

    Camilla Larsen

    Month ago

    God I also find it very hard to fall in love! I may admit that I don't know if I ever really have been in love with any of my boyfriends. I had went through the stage "I like them" to "I think I love you" since you love me without the middel stage. It's very hard to admit! And I have felt so bad for taken those boys time. But I once heard that feeling being in love it's something you do when you're nervous - and I think I never had felt that nervousness because I always quite early knew that the boy liked me too. I was btw 21 the first time I had a boyfriend (I'm 25 now), and it was literally because I just wanted to try it out. I think maybe you just should give a guy the chance to be your boyfriend without it all to be perfect. Because I know the idea of it to be perfect it's actually the thing that holds us back - I'm a hopeless romanticer too.

  35. All Things Nalee

    All Things Nalee

    Month ago

    The most important part of love, is putting down your guard and just being yourself. Being genuine may just lead you to the Right person who is meant for you and you for them. ❤️ Keep on shining Amber. He’s out there!

  36. Carolyn


    Month ago

    I'm 23 and still haven't dated anyone. I need the one not any man

  37. N. H.

    N. H.

    Month ago

    "Love is the purest form of magic" 🤯💖 wow! Well said.

  38. Lyds ASMR

    Lyds ASMR

    Month ago

    I love you Amber

  39. Ruth Harry

    Ruth Harry

    Month ago

    Amber is your star sign cancer

    • Astro Tea Subliminals დ

      Astro Tea Subliminals დ

      Month ago

      she’s a Leo

  40. hmingi


    Month ago

    i never love more then this....😢...it feels like u say whats all inside me..

  41. reyes deysi

    reyes deysi

    Month ago

    I loved this video

  42. Kyla Perkins

    Kyla Perkins

    Month ago

    Serious angel energy

  43. Pam Beamon

    Pam Beamon

    Month ago

    You will find that love when the time is right

  44. Riana Kozume {小爪リアナ}

    Riana Kozume {小爪リアナ}

    Month ago

    Amber once said: "I don't need a man but I want one", I felt that.

  45. Nadia Venice

    Nadia Venice

    Month ago

    I’ve never had a long term relationship either girl 🥴

  46. Ginger Marilyn

    Ginger Marilyn

    Month ago

    You didn't loose much.I met my first bf when I was 15 and 9 years later her mom was mad for me not wanting to marry him.My ex set me up to lure me to his moms,her mom ofc didnt like my answer or the fact that we decided that we dont want to get married(info that my coward bf failed to tell her) so she assaulted me grabed me by my hair so that I had to run out of the house coz my bf and her sister couldnt hold her back.I then realized I deserved better than a coward bf and his psycho mom so I decided to leave him with his mommy.She was also very possesive with his son but neglected her daughter and cheated on her husband,in my eyes a complete psychopath.

  47. The Secret 888

    The Secret 888

    Month ago

    Really soon... Something magical is coming your way... You never ever expected it coming... I feel it... Soon your boy is coming... Someone honest/loyal/respectful/real love/cool/funny 13/06/2021. The secret person. *Learn from each other* *Having a healthy/balanced relationship* *Someone that makes you happy* Heart can move mountains. I would love to meet you in person and look at you in your face and see it for myself that happened.

  48. Evee F

    Evee F

    Month ago

    She’s a genius

  49. Lauraaw


    Month ago

    Find the one you actually love and if you don't find him, stay single. I like being single myself.

  50. Mel S

    Mel S

    Month ago

    I knew your name for a long time but I was not drawn to your content. BUT! After watching 3 of your videos about real life, being transparent, I truly have fallen in love with you & I subscribed right away. I'm 27 too and we all experience life differently. I'm repeating that again, I just can't with how bubbly you are, I totally admire that and it has made me adore you so damn much.

  51. Marisa Cowan

    Marisa Cowan

    Month ago

    My boyfriend says I have a girl crush on you. It is true. You are amazing.

  52. Chris the Swiss

    Chris the Swiss

    Month ago

    The video starts out with strong over-assertiveness and culminates in female agression and a LOT of facade building, such as "laughing" away issues and WAY too much make-up (literally a facade, as the word stems from the "FACE"). The classic was the one about "high standards". After this video, I'm more convinced than ever that toxic femininity will put you in the self-perceived VIP club of eternal singles tindering their way through a meaningless life of sporadic copulation that go along with long intervals of loneliness. These intervals tend to get longer as age takes its toll and less "cool" and less feministic friends are busy enjoying their families, raising the next generation and preparing them to take charge of society. It sure beats tinder by a mile! The singles club is a very special club for those that "receive" the membership card while assuming that they are perfectly fine and the "boss woman": you can never quit the club. Which inevitably leads to more myopic self-affirmation of how "boss" you are and how little you need a partner and how great your self-created "independence" is. This narrative becomes a self-protecting compensation mechanism for not wanting to accept the nasty truth. The single pringle club is full of toxic feminin VIP members that voluntarily exercised their freedom to create their own personal jail cell with just themselves as an inmate and a life sentence attached to it. Yeah for independence, being in charge and not really needing a man. Men can sense this toxic femininity 100 miles against the wind and make a bee-line for the exit faster than the speed of light. So all is good in paradise. You've made your choice, you defend it against all the daily "dating experience" piling up over the years and you're fine with the outcome and the life sentence this attitude carries with it. It's called personal freedom and it's great you're enjoying it so much. Happy for you. I hope you find the strength to find your way back to the natural self you were, before you (and millions of other women) let "progressive" social constructs ruin your outlook for a nurturing partnership, but looking around, I don't see many successful converts, and frankly, you don't sound like you will become one either. But without the change back, the life sentence will most likely be upheld in the court of life. Good luck!

  53. Sallii Campa

    Sallii Campa

    Month ago

    Couldn’t have said it better Amber ❤️

  54. AHealthy StateOfMind

    AHealthy StateOfMind

    Month ago

    You should do a makeup tutorial. Your cat eye is beautiful.

  55. Patei C

    Patei C

    Month ago

    Im 30 and still single... Sometimes i want to have someone and sometimes i try yo not think about it cause like Amber said ... Is hard liking someine that dont feel the same... So yeab i get you Amber

  56. crystal Watson

    crystal Watson

    Month ago

    this was so beautiful

  57. Dumb Minecraft memes

    Dumb Minecraft memes

    Month ago

    You could try being bisexual...to see who’s your perfect lover

  58. Aurora Arcturus Ambassador

    Aurora Arcturus Ambassador

    Month ago

    Maybe you're just waiting for the right guy

  59. Aurora Arcturus Ambassador

    Aurora Arcturus Ambassador

    Month ago

    Sounds like he met his soul mate

  60. Aurora Arcturus Ambassador

    Aurora Arcturus Ambassador

    Month ago

    Someone to share it with?

  61. Vrishti Singh

    Vrishti Singh

    Month ago


  62. KrystalKBeauty


    Month ago

    I love this video so much!

  63. Monika A

    Monika A

    Month ago

    All of my crushes/boyfriends are literally complete opposite too. Like I just don’t have a type because I like every type. Leo tings ♌️ Lol

  64. Rebekah Statz

    Rebekah Statz

    Month ago

    I met my now husband when we were 17. We have been together since 2008 and been married since 2012. He was a Marine for 4 years and it almost broke us. 💔 Now, our love is stronger than it has ever been. If I was dying of cancer, there is no doubt he would be there trimming my toenails and wheeling me around. I would undoubtedly do the same for him. Your patience to find the "one" is a wonderful thing. It will pay off and as you said, there's someone out there wishing for you too.

  65. Kelly. Regan

    Kelly. Regan

    Month ago

    Amber Scholl, you are such a beautiful human being inside and out❤ I've been watching your videos since the beginning and watching how much you've grown is so inspiring to me. But enough with the lovey dovey stuff I just thought you should know that (lol) love ya!

  66. Elizabeth Capriqorn

    Elizabeth Capriqorn

    Month ago

    Omfg... You rlly get me all teary

  67. Putri Ayessa

    Putri Ayessa

    Month ago


  68. Chaynce


    Month ago

    You are so beautiful

  69. Sarah Gibbs

    Sarah Gibbs

    Month ago

    I am exactly the same as you this is the longest time i been alone, i always had been like u, u feel about the bloke and they always take piss wen u fall n they don't, u are amazing, watching you makes want to start doing this, ur bril n always bring a smile to my face, mental health gets in my way xxxx

  70. Alyson C

    Alyson C

    Month ago

    Same Amber, same

  71. Sincerely, Jaijharnae Rose

    Sincerely, Jaijharnae Rose

    Month ago

    I’m Turning 30 next month and never had a boyfriend either, I’m a late bloomer in a lot of things also. Maybe one day it will happen for us!

  72. Paulina Deręgowska

    Paulina Deręgowska

    Month ago

    I'm turning 23 this year and I've been single all my life so far. I got kissed twice, didn't mean anything. I'm completely fine with this, I just accepted that 1.I have different priorities right now 2.I haven't met the right person (at least not in real life) 3.I'm probably not even ready for that kind of relationship yet, but hearing you saying all those things made me feel even more valid with my "forever alone" status. You just got yourself a new subscriber :)

  73. Oishwarjya Ferdous

    Oishwarjya Ferdous

    Month ago


  74. Childofknowledge


    Month ago

    No no get the app the celebrities use. There is one out there. If Charlie Puth or Shawn Mendes comes single slide in the dms

  75. Jorge Gafo

    Jorge Gafo

    2 months ago

    When you can enjoy being alone far from being lonely then you can have a true loving relationship if not itll just be temporary and eventually brings pain so you realise that youre not all the bs you thought you were such as your body or your mind

  76. Rikki Wienhoft

    Rikki Wienhoft

    2 months ago


  77. Queen Napper

    Queen Napper

    2 months ago

    i love your advise thank you thank you thank you

  78. hibauva


    2 months ago

    I seriously love her so much such a beautiful soul ...❤️

  79. gata califas

    gata califas

    2 months ago

    I literally started crying when you mentioned your grandparent's relationship. it breaks my heart because I was in the hospital and my partner never visited me or called, I left that relationship as soon as I left the hospital days later. it was so lonely and sad. I'm pretty sure the person made for me is out there though!

    • gata califas

      gata califas

      2 months ago

      @Brandon Avery how cute you take your time to comment “you’re beautiful” on several women’s comments 🥲

    • Brandon Avery

      Brandon Avery

      2 months ago

      You're so beautiful

  80. Katy B.

    Katy B.

    2 months ago

    Oh my god, Amber. 😓 I love you so much. You are so sweet!

  81. Emma Lund Geertsen

    Emma Lund Geertsen

    2 months ago

    You are so amazing❤️i love you😘

  82. Sophia Vitali

    Sophia Vitali

    2 months ago

    Your just amazing. Like on a soul level. Your soul is SHINING. I am in tears, I was looking for someone who just saw and felt things the way I did, and your just that, but you can put it into comprehensible words lol. Gosh your so amazing and I’m so thankful for you and what you say ❤️❤️

  83. dr dash boy

    dr dash boy

    2 months ago

    I just subscribed you're USgone channel amber

  84. Poornima Shehani

    Poornima Shehani

    2 months ago

    I don't wanna be in a relationship. Is that normal?

  85. Griffin D

    Griffin D

    2 months ago

    What do these two men have in common? They're both white

  86. WCG Havii

    WCG Havii

    2 months ago

    Hit me up Amber

  87. Adelaide Molitz

    Adelaide Molitz

    2 months ago

    "Who knows, maybe ill fall in love tomorrow." That really makes me smile and it brightened my evening

  88. ymarrero23


    2 months ago

    I want a husband not another boyfriend I'm almost 40

  89. Karla Cecilia

    Karla Cecilia

    2 months ago

    I seriously love how genuine, raw and down to earth you are💕

  90. Paige Annison

    Paige Annison

    2 months ago

    amber please please please start making diy dresses again we love them, also youu!!!

  91. Lori Ilor

    Lori Ilor

    2 months ago

    Happily ever after is whatever you wanted to be

  92. Khrystine Valentine Arcedo

    Khrystine Valentine Arcedo

    2 months ago

    Why am i crying omg 😭

  93. Wendy Walker

    Wendy Walker

    2 months ago

    Your to beautiful inside and out to be alone forever it will be when it's your time to be x

  94. Dani&girls


    2 months ago

    You crying made me start crying 😭💖

  95. Stefanie Ehrl

    Stefanie Ehrl

    2 months ago

    i love you so much ! ❤️ and your videos as well 🥰❤️

  96. HowieLola Erika Ray

    HowieLola Erika Ray

    2 months ago

    What?? Ur 27 I thought Colby was older than u. Wow u look so pretty and young for a 27 year old.

  97. Hlumelo Buyana

    Hlumelo Buyana

    2 months ago

    I've noticed(from the people I know) that those who look for love, often don't find it and those who do find love, weren't really looking for it in the first place. Moral of the story, love finds you✨✨ (Again this is based from my experience)

  98. Marisol Tb

    Marisol Tb

    2 months ago

    Get colby gurl

    • I’m not perfect because I’m me.

      I’m not perfect because I’m me.

      22 days ago

      They’re just friends. They don’t have to date, what if they have those type feelings for each other

  99. saveAD


    2 months ago

    I don’t have a boyfriend it’s not mean u have not have fucked 50-100 man. So what is more worse ?

  100. Maylene Martinez

    Maylene Martinez

    2 months ago

    I don’t need a man but I ... *pauses* but I want one 🥺. Felt that sis ❤️

    • Brandon Avery

      Brandon Avery

      2 months ago

      You're so beautiful