Woah Vicky Went To Jail Twice For This - UNFILTERED #69

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WOAH WOAH WOAH! HOLD THE PHONE, and switch it to airplane mode...Internet personality, Woah Vicky, joins us this week! She may not know any of our names, but she sure knows how to make us laugh. Vicky addresses her online reputation and educates us on some shocking life hacks. DON'T PLAY WITH HER!!!! As one of our most entertaining guests this season, we garauntee you'll be begging to see her again! PERIODT
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  1. Neven Kadić

    Neven Kadić

    4 hours ago

    How many yeaaa xd hahahha wtf

  2. what a wicked thing to say

    what a wicked thing to say

    5 hours ago

    I think Vickys camera is a little blurry at about minute 40 ongoing... sad! loved this episode tho! Vicky is awesome, she is so sweet and witty - just natural funny

  3. T MP

    T MP

    9 hours ago

    We went to Alaska Me: *I thought you can’t go there ?* Matt explains where it’s at: Ohhhh I was thinking of ANTARCTICA

  4. T MP

    T MP

    9 hours ago

    One day they need to have a fan on this show ! And MAWMA TEE (me) WILL TAKE THAT SPOT

  5. buttercup's the hot one

    buttercup's the hot one

    23 hours ago

    I ship matt and vicky ,

  6. Souky Bird

    Souky Bird

    Day ago

    I like how Heath didn’t say smash to any of the women as his woman is ri DEYAAAA!!! 🤣such a cutie pie, they’re lucky to have each other and may god keep them always close and loving and respectful of each other 💗

  7. Michelle Perez

    Michelle Perez

    Day ago

    LMFAO no matter how many times i’ve watched this episode i always come back to it because i laugh everytime

  8. BigDan1190


    2 days ago

    43:19 for the airplane mode phone bit lol

  9. Paige Chaffee

    Paige Chaffee

    2 days ago

    am i the only one that does the hang up thing 😭

  10. juanlovesjuan


    2 days ago

    She's so nice omg

  11. Tionna


    3 days ago

    Heath and Vicky could really be friends I see it

  12. M Wolfe

    M Wolfe

    3 days ago

    I genuinely loved this podcast. Vickey was so sweet and caring and really engaged. And the guy at the end was so awesome! One of the best podcasts!

  13. talkmy_ sh1t

    talkmy_ sh1t

    4 days ago

    37:05 isn’t he muslim

  14. Jamie 34

    Jamie 34

    5 days ago


  15. Mah M

    Mah M

    5 days ago

    *yea imma have to rewatch this* 😂

  16. Mah M

    Mah M

    5 days ago

    It was nice seeing vicky inna laid back environment, just being herself.

  17. Mah M

    Mah M

    5 days ago

    28:32 54:43 lmaooooo I love this girl

  18. ozzie mac

    ozzie mac

    6 days ago

    GOOD HEALTH CARE BOO BOO socialist health care ain't good, do some research their health care system sucks. All im saying is don't break your arm in a socialist country. (from your local cuban)

  19. Milly Harpes

    Milly Harpes

    6 days ago

    Vicky is such a sweet person😌

  20. weirddough


    6 days ago

    tbh ppl like her (personality, effortless humor, charm) are common in the south (southern charm bby) they just usually don’t look like her

  21. Izumi Uchiha

    Izumi Uchiha

    6 days ago

    ohhhhhh she said nisson not neice one

  22. ur kinda cute xx

    ur kinda cute xx

    7 days ago


  23. Noemiii Garcia

    Noemiii Garcia

    7 days ago

    I love the guest !!!!!

  24. Rashaad Dinning

    Rashaad Dinning

    7 days ago

    No disrespect to Matt but I would've loved to see how the video would've went down with Kenny in the vid. I feel the little bit of tension that was left in the room would've been nonexistent.

  25. Its Vytra

    Its Vytra

    7 days ago

    If she could just get rid of the fake accent ,the edges and acting so called "ghetto" maybe I would like her...well idk know abt dat that's a stretch...

  26. Samariya Neekole

    Samariya Neekole

    7 days ago


  27. Demarcus Fells

    Demarcus Fells

    8 days ago

    Bring Vicky back on

  28. Viz


    8 days ago

    People like this girl?

  29. Alien26ful


    8 days ago

    Got recommended this vid and happy I did! Really enjoyed this podcast, keep it up guys!

  30. Cody Mccrory

    Cody Mccrory

    9 days ago

    vicky's mate at the end rocked it

  31. Jamie McNeil

    Jamie McNeil

    9 days ago

    By far one of my favorite if not my favorite podcast!

  32. Tia H

    Tia H

    9 days ago

    They pay taxes in Puerto Rico... it’s an unincorporated Territory

  33. The Artist in Me

    The Artist in Me

    10 days ago

    “You’re religious?” - “yeah” “Amish” “They’re BIBLE NAMES” 😭😭

  34. Jen Krikshiunas

    Jen Krikshiunas

    10 days ago

    It’s nice to see her growing up.

  35. Ecliptictimes


    11 days ago

    happy to be born in alaska

  36. m


    11 days ago


  37. Daniel Ric

    Daniel Ric

    11 days ago

    Gotta be honest I used to hate this girl so much 😂 but she really seems like a nice genuine person

  38. jolly joe

    jolly joe

    11 days ago

    It's nice to see how far vikki has come, she has really matured over the years, am feeling this vikki she seems lovely, and it's great she is engaging in everything they are saying 👌🏽

  39. Stone S

    Stone S

    12 days ago

    I've unfortunately met this girl and she half acts like this and half is a completely normal person. The fact that she makes herself sound horribly uneducated and ignorant is upsetting. Her family is great, she didn't grow up in "the hood", and I can't understand why her 'character' is whatever the hell it's supposed to be. I know exactly where she grew up; It was not the hood... it's an area filled with rich older people and trust fund/college kids. I know what she's doing, and kind of respect how committed she is to it, but she's not like that and wasn't raised like that. It may just be top tier trolling. Her dad's company builds houses in a fairly expensive area of metro-Atlanta... She's not poor or from a bad part of Atlanta by any means. Even if she were from where she claims to be from, it's been one of the up-coming parts of Atlanta for the last 20+ years... So a really bad flex. And she 100% definitely doesn't have a G-wagon!

    • Chan Paris Lynn

      Chan Paris Lynn

      10 days ago

      Bro shut up😂 and she didn’t say she had a g wagon but you were probably too busy judging her to catch that

  40. Husky gamer 21

    Husky gamer 21

    12 days ago

    This is the best podcast episode ever I love y’all!! I’m sending extra love Woah Vickys way you are a beautiful soul and such a blessing to this world!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️



    12 days ago

    Nahhh Victoria’s friend and had to come out like that 💀💀

  42. Ava Playz roblox

    Ava Playz roblox

    12 days ago

    Woah Vicky has the badest singing I ever heard

  43. Scott Little

    Scott Little

    12 days ago

    Who? And why does she talk like she is special

  44. Gary Oliver

    Gary Oliver

    13 days ago

    This is hilarious. They brought this girl on to make fun of her for being stupid but turns out she’s the smartest one in the room. Turns out she’s crazy smart, street smart and motivated.

  45. Eve Monty

    Eve Monty

    13 days ago

    vicky seems so lovely like this has brought a whole new light to her

  46. D B

    D B

    13 days ago

    She funny

  47. ActiveLadyy


    13 days ago

    omg, I actually enjoyed this. you guys just earned a sub! So much respect for Woah Vicky, never knew this about her!

  48. Tatjana Day-Solis

    Tatjana Day-Solis

    14 days ago

    best show about

  49. Kota Pruitt

    Kota Pruitt

    14 days ago

    zane: what’s our names? vicky: mariah, matt, zane, heaf 😂

  50. Rahulps ps

    Rahulps ps

    14 days ago


  51. Locker-Room Dwarf

    Locker-Room Dwarf

    14 days ago


  52. hobiverse


    14 days ago

    I wanna be her best friend omg

  53. Savannah O'Grady

    Savannah O'Grady

    14 days ago

    Everytime I watch their podcast I'm reminded how shit LA must be. They don't know a lot of things that a normal person anywhere else would. But they know a lambo truck.

  54. Celestina Hernandez

    Celestina Hernandez

    14 days ago

    I've never seen or heard of your podcast. Now there's no way I will ever support your podcast or you in any way after having this trash can on your show. She is pathetic and obviously her talking is fake.

  55. Lindsey Peterson

    Lindsey Peterson

    15 days ago

    Heath in this video kills me 🤣🤣🤣 hes like smiling like yeahhhhhh🙄

  56. Fatima Ali

    Fatima Ali

    15 days ago

    43:27 is sooo funny

  57. Salma Munoz

    Salma Munoz

    15 days ago

    Sevm 😂

  58. Jessica Millar

    Jessica Millar

    15 days ago

    Matt 🤣🤣🤣 - straight up talking down to her 😂😂😂

  59. TRX Cummins

    TRX Cummins

    15 days ago

    Nothing stopping you off from moving to Canada they have such great healthcare by all means have fun

  60. cat gurl187

    cat gurl187

    15 days ago

    I can tell that Vicky would have a chill convo with anyone for hours and make it so fun even if she not interested

  61. cat gurl187

    cat gurl187

    16 days ago

    I got into my first car accident on my 19th bday but thankfully i wasn’t driving and It wasn’t nun major. I got a lil scar to remember it by tho🥲

  62. Ned Ned

    Ned Ned

    16 days ago

    She is most unintelligent human being ever

  63. Messiah playz

    Messiah playz

    16 days ago


  64. Emma Shala

    Emma Shala

    16 days ago

    besides vicky believing she’s black, i love her personality

  65. cydell fox

    cydell fox

    16 days ago

    Taxes aren't free sis nth nuh guh suh😑😑living it real life🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  66. Giselle Santos

    Giselle Santos

    17 days ago

    Does Vicky know their names?

  67. Sarah Thompson

    Sarah Thompson

    17 days ago

    Please get ms. Juicy on the podcast

  68. Mae Mae

    Mae Mae

    17 days ago

    “Close”... Italian 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Yall ITALLIANS ARE NOT HISPANIC.

  69. Mae Mae

    Mae Mae

    17 days ago

    First + Only black guest and is in the video for 10 minutes...

  70. MelindaGT


    17 days ago

    This is the best episode by far!!! Good vibes!

  71. Laura Tucker

    Laura Tucker

    18 days ago

    Love woah Vicky she is so underestimated and she is bright and cheerful, so caring x

  72. Gabryella Arevalo

    Gabryella Arevalo

    18 days ago

    Matt’s face when she said “I got hoe’s”😹😹

  73. Kevin Ortiz

    Kevin Ortiz

    18 days ago

    vicky is hella fucking cool

  74. James Carbone, Jr

    James Carbone, Jr

    19 days ago

    Zane be looking like a SNACK! OM NOM NOM

  75. Leanna Wolfe

    Leanna Wolfe

    19 days ago

    Falsifying information is a whole other charge

  76. Brenda Pathoomvanh

    Brenda Pathoomvanh

    19 days ago

    Literally love Vic. This podcast made me realize how funny and chill she is. AND SMART

  77. rashmi raina

    rashmi raina

    19 days ago

    Love this episode 😍 . PERIODT.

  78. Thalia Cruz

    Thalia Cruz

    19 days ago

    I was never a fan of her until this episode 🥺

  79. Kylie MacDonell

    Kylie MacDonell

    19 days ago

    i’m getting like older brother vibes from Heath when he talks to Vicky

  80. Ava Santos

    Ava Santos

    20 days ago

    Wait what’s ur name again?

  81. Brenda Elsy Valdez

    Brenda Elsy Valdez

    20 days ago

    She’s actually super funny lmao 😂

  82. mackenna Bard

    mackenna Bard

    20 days ago

    How did they start thinking about and talking about cars and then God and religion

  83. Destinee Myers

    Destinee Myers

    20 days ago

    Whoa Vicky teaching us things with the airplane mode 🤯 that's crazy!!

  84. Bruce Schlemmer

    Bruce Schlemmer

    20 days ago

    Ya Matt Vancouver is only 1800 miles from Alaska ... and I thought you were supposed to be the smart one 😂

  85. Candice miller

    Candice miller

    20 days ago

    Vicky had grown so much. She's a smart girl. I like her.

  86. Candice miller

    Candice miller

    20 days ago

    Great show guys!!!!! This is my first time watching. I'm a fan. Love your vibes.

  87. Decal03


    20 days ago

    Sounds like a smoke session without the smoke💨💨😁😁

  88. Candice miller

    Candice miller

    20 days ago

    This is a genuinely good podcast. Great job guys. You all with really well of each other and Vicky is hilarious. I love her.

  89. luis castro

    luis castro

    20 days ago

    Can you guys bring back woah...?

  90. easter foster

    easter foster

    20 days ago

    “they pay alaskan’s to live there” sweetie as an alaskan native our land is beautiful and sacred so the natives to alaska chose to live here. we get paid from our oil revenues. as far as i’m concerned people want to come here for our money, we don’t pay them to live here😂but i love you guysss❤️

    • easter foster

      easter foster

      20 days ago

      also, alaska natives get free health care😗✌🏼but if you non native you gotta pay them bills hahahha

  91. Chino Garcia

    Chino Garcia

    21 day ago


  92. Joysing Polash kumar876

    Joysing Polash kumar876

    21 day ago

    The eager invoice surprisingly search because semicolon phytochemically exist versus a lumpy scarecrow. false familiar famous, abashed girdle

  93. Karina Ruvalcaba

    Karina Ruvalcaba

    21 day ago

    I really love how raw all of these podcasts ae. Like they always have genuine conversations and open up the people. Like now I know Vicky is chill asf. I like how she asks their question first and then she answers like she's genuinely interested well at least thats how she portrays herself.

  94. Kylie Ann

    Kylie Ann

    21 day ago


  95. chey cat

    chey cat

    21 day ago

    FUN FACT!!!!!! I WORK IN SPRING GROVE MN!!! I MAKE AND INSPECT DODGE CHALLENGER AND CHARGER DASHBOARDS!! the cool looking metal design that goes around the air vents and speedometer and the screen in the middle... i make sure ur dash aint alll crappy from the production from the people who screen print to punch press.... my initials are on the back of thousands and thousands of dashboards all over heck!!

  96. Alayzia Wade

    Alayzia Wade

    21 day ago

    Don’t underestimate

  97. Ermina Page

    Ermina Page

    21 day ago


  98. Veronica Lisle

    Veronica Lisle

    21 day ago

    Could do without the know it all redhead

  99. Jaden Francis

    Jaden Francis

    21 day ago

    Your going to be a billionaire if you transfer I million dollars to Jamaica

  100. nataly vargas

    nataly vargas

    21 day ago

    so glad matt is back ❤️ i love kenny but the vibe would definitely not be the same !