King Jafi rock

King Jafi rock



  1. BILLY Gomez

    BILLY Gomez

    16 hours ago

    You struggling big-time

  2. Gggt Yyyy

    Gggt Yyyy

    16 hours ago


  3. I’m Friends with my FBI agent

    I’m Friends with my FBI agent

    16 hours ago

    Shorts are still on beta, right? THEY BETTER BECOME NON-EXISTENT

  4. Ghost Cousins

    Ghost Cousins

    17 hours ago

    LOL when they open the door they could of got the money instead of the wire.😑 BRUH.

  5. Davisito todo elkesave de música sigan alnegostar keai siai musica Delacruz

    Davisito todo elkesave de música sigan alnegostar keai siai musica Delacruz

    17 hours ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Jajajajaja kekul

  6. Trevorscope AR

    Trevorscope AR

    17 hours ago


  7. Jamillah Loggins

    Jamillah Loggins

    17 hours ago

    Yt boring af now days wit all tht going on in the world this is all they can cm up wit? All these social media websites are like that they need to let the new generation and creative people get on board and get this thing lit

  8. Just Katzuko

    Just Katzuko

    17 hours ago

    If I hear this audio one more time I will punch a hole in the wall

  9. Big Bang

    Big Bang

    17 hours ago

    The dumbest people ever

  10. Frank Leathers

    Frank Leathers

    17 hours ago

    Is that a dude or woman? serious question

  11. Cuandón Santillán Camila Amairani

    Cuandón Santillán Camila Amairani

    17 hours ago


  12. JinBo Himself

    JinBo Himself

    17 hours ago

    Надо деньги все довро все плохое

  13. T cobb

    T cobb

    17 hours ago


  14. eliot


    17 hours ago


  15. Serenity Aaliyah

    Serenity Aaliyah

    18 hours ago

    You so mean

  16. Kenu protada

    Kenu protada

    18 hours ago

    White should be with white. Disgraceful.

  17. Flip Junior

    Flip Junior

    18 hours ago

    You know you don’t get much from your girl when you get excited for random times smh

  18. せいんとせいや


    18 hours ago

    全国 共通かよ(笑)🎵何 期待してんだ🎵

  19. ali 7280 morshdlo

    ali 7280 morshdlo

    18 hours ago


  20. John Schulz

    John Schulz

    18 hours ago

    4 people with 1 brain cell between them and using g only 10% of that. Clue to it being a fucking stupid video is the laugh and then the piss poor acting followed by piss poor believability.

  21. Lorraine Briggs

    Lorraine Briggs

    18 hours ago

    *MY 18+ PHOTOS HERE* LOVEME.LOL USgone: this is fine Someon: says "heck" USgone: BE GONE однако я люблю таких рыбаков++

    • Veronica Golian

      Veronica Golian

      17 hours ago


    • Just Katzuko

      Just Katzuko

      17 hours ago


    • Castiel


      18 hours ago

      No one cares, please stop

    • Addisyn Marie

      Addisyn Marie

      18 hours ago

      Stop 😭 doing this it’s inappropriate

    • Chinchilla


      18 hours ago

      Wtf is this comment and why are people liking it you simps.

  22. Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson

    18 hours ago

    Please don't have children bro

  23. Juan Soto

    Juan Soto

    18 hours ago


  24. Jose Luis Mendoza Garcia

    Jose Luis Mendoza Garcia

    18 hours ago


  25. mick Pet

    mick Pet

    18 hours ago


  26. Derek Smith

    Derek Smith

    18 hours ago


  27. Harmanbir Khaira

    Harmanbir Khaira

    18 hours ago

    Why did they open the door than close it Lol

  28. BIG TV

    BIG TV

    18 hours ago


  29. BIG TV

    BIG TV

    19 hours ago


  30. Art Sinew

    Art Sinew

    19 hours ago

    Where’d all those fake pumps of lotion go? Guess I explained it in the first sentence.

  31. BIG TV

    BIG TV

    19 hours ago

    😂😂😂😭😭😭🤣 she’s fire 💯🔥

  32. Nobody's Home

    Nobody's Home

    19 hours ago

    No. Just no. I'm concerned

  33. Paige’s Gaming

    Paige’s Gaming

    19 hours ago

    They literally opened the door they should have just taken it like bruh

  34. comleytea


    19 hours ago


  35. Movieclips


    19 hours ago


  36. Movieclips


    19 hours ago


  37. ANDREW Stratford

    ANDREW Stratford

    19 hours ago

    There is no hope !!!

  38. Maria Carminha

    Maria Carminha

    19 hours ago




    19 hours ago


  40. Jestina Bain

    Jestina Bain

    19 hours ago

    Hmmm you thought she was ready but she change not interested posta boy Men in black boys two men

  41. the real McCoy

    the real McCoy

    19 hours ago

    That is how black men treat white women good job ladies

  42. Odinaldo Jacinto de Barcelos

    Odinaldo Jacinto de Barcelos

    19 hours ago

    Eu não acredito nisso que bando de idiotas

  43. brent leidner

    brent leidner

    19 hours ago


  44. Fernanda Gutierrez

    Fernanda Gutierrez

    19 hours ago

    Si serán sí abrieron la puerta entra más fácil de quitar el India

  45. Carmem Lucia

    Carmem Lucia

    19 hours ago




    19 hours ago

    *SHE THOUGHT HE THOUGHT🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣*

  47. Chillguyleo420


    19 hours ago

    Bruh I had some wrong thoughts about this video

  48. p o

    p o

    20 hours ago

    Bellissimo 😜😜😜😜😜😁

  49. BARI XY


    20 hours ago


  50. joseantonio mota goris

    joseantonio mota goris

    20 hours ago

    Que idiotas🤣🤣🤣

  51. Thánh Anithinh

    Thánh Anithinh

    20 hours ago

    **I never download tiktok to watch stupid videos* USgone short videos: Tiktok isn’t the only way

  52. Sheriff K

    Sheriff K

    20 hours ago

    He almost punched her. 😅🤣

  53. Arte Mental

    Arte Mental

    20 hours ago


  54. Santiko Carmona

    Santiko Carmona

    20 hours ago


  55. Adilla Kamel

    Adilla Kamel

    20 hours ago


  56. MrAntbluntfreaks


    20 hours ago

    That fake laughing. Couldn't finish the video.

  57. FIZZ


    21 hour ago

    Hes been waiting his whole life to get the boogie man

  58. ヤス韋虎天


    21 hour ago


  59. Laura Alejandra Acuña Bastidas

    Laura Alejandra Acuña Bastidas

    21 hour ago


  60. Sudhanshu Raj

    Sudhanshu Raj

    21 hour ago

    Manjit 9010113260

  61. Terrance Bottoms jr.

    Terrance Bottoms jr.

    21 hour ago

    Dam im hurt for him lol

  62. Valdir Wargas

    Valdir Wargas

    21 hour ago


  63. Romona Sinclair

    Romona Sinclair

    21 hour ago


  64. Денис М.

    Денис М.

    21 hour ago

    Народ деградирует…

  65. Leiza Serrano

    Leiza Serrano

    21 hour ago


  66. Alfie Muz

    Alfie Muz

    21 hour ago

    JJ is that you🤣

  67. Joel McFarlane

    Joel McFarlane

    21 hour ago


  68. mortimer fraser

    mortimer fraser

    21 hour ago


  69. jose moreno

    jose moreno

    21 hour ago


  70. don't like it ??? your problem!!!!! !!!

    don't like it ??? your problem!!!!! !!!

    21 hour ago

    Tiktok = cancer

  71. shanensangle17 Chang

    shanensangle17 Chang

    21 hour ago


  72. HammeredLlama


    21 hour ago

    I can’t tell what’s worse. TikTok or the Oh No song Either way I think both of the creators need a bat to the knees

  73. Steven


    21 hour ago

    That was a set up, he pulled away from the window when he should've gone straight



    21 hour ago

    Ahí es donde me pregunto, ¿Que Hago mal Dios?

  75. Phong Đặng

    Phong Đặng

    22 hours ago


  76. Andrei betterday

    Andrei betterday

    22 hours ago


  77. Luis Orozco

    Luis Orozco

    22 hours ago

    el buen pedo

  78. Sophie Grundig

    Sophie Grundig

    22 hours ago

    Wenn Dummheit wehtut 🤦‍♀️

  79. bornil das bipro

    bornil das bipro

    22 hours ago