Raiti's Rides

Raiti's Rides

Raiti's Rides: Joe caught the car bug at a very young age. Growing up in his father’s mechanic shop, Joe learned quickly how to appreciate the inner workings of the internal combustion engine. After graduating from college, he raced formula cars professionally for three years. He has a wide variety of knowledge about many different makes and models, and is considered an expert in Corvettes, Porsches, and imports.

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  1. smokey blazer

    smokey blazer

    10 hours ago

    Lot of 6 manuals in Washington state. One in my garage to!🍺👊🏻

  2. Bee Cars - INTERIOR

    Bee Cars - INTERIOR

    10 hours ago

    If Cadillac would just put a smaller version of the escalade infotainment in here, it'd be golden.

  3. Santiago Duarte Meneses

    Santiago Duarte Meneses

    10 hours ago

    I love how he always tells you the price of the car before he starts to show the interior

  4. Dennis Morales

    Dennis Morales

    10 hours ago

    This is a car i hope to own in the future. Awesome video!

  5. morris f

    morris f

    10 hours ago

    Truly nothing like an all American sports sedan,with muscle that thing is fast well done.id buy it.

  6. Alan Wright

    Alan Wright

    10 hours ago

    Yes, I love seeing cars like this! The C4 ZR-1 is not my personal favorite of all Corvettes, but it’s probably the one that I most want to own.

  7. Bon Lucia

    Bon Lucia

    10 hours ago

    I'll Take the BULLITT ANYDAY>>>>

  8. The Dude

    The Dude

    10 hours ago

    There's already aftermarket shaker hoods. The only thing I'd change on it.

  9. Rich J. Birdsall -Prophetic Rich-

    Rich J. Birdsall -Prophetic Rich-

    10 hours ago

    Ty for the Review ✅

  10. rfreiner


    10 hours ago

    Just bought the carbon edition, I love it. Mine has black seats with the red stitching, much nicer looking than the red seats.

  11. Birdxilla


    10 hours ago

    Where does the sting start?

  12. Birdxilla


    10 hours ago

    Where does the sting start?

  13. Mirzaabror Komiljonov

    Mirzaabror Komiljonov

    10 hours ago

    The third row has charging USB you just need to learn kid look under cup holder

  14. Brandon Sunthivong

    Brandon Sunthivong

    10 hours ago

    Dam I can’t imagine what they did to fit the circle lights in the irregular shaped circle intel. It just doesn’t look right at all. Should fit tightly and probably should be a projector or LED since it’s 2021. The stickers all the way around 🤦🏻‍♂️ reminds the average drivers it’s a MACH 1 six times.... 🙄

  15. Mar Bes

    Mar Bes

    10 hours ago

    Very nice looking car and thanks again for team awesome giving us a great review 👍

  16. ¡CΞβΞΓG•¡ZM•¡NC.


    10 hours ago

    Does anybody else notice 🤔the Honda Civic 2022 has literally the same exact silhoutte/body style of this car ⁉️ The taillights are the only thing different. 🤷‍♂️🆒️🤫

  17. Chris Humenik

    Chris Humenik

    10 hours ago

    I'm all about that Z LI 1LE hands down

  18. W D

    W D

    10 hours ago

    The fog lamps look like the cover on the D- cell flashlight you find in Walmart.

  19. BassGee


    10 hours ago

    Welp, the hood has an ugly body line towards the rear of the bulge. The car lacks jaw-dropping Mach 1 styling. I'm underwhelmed on the appearance. They even missed on the wheel styling. As capable as the Mach 1 may be, it's a dud. People buy these cars for form as well as function. This 'parts bin' , stop gap approach shows a lack of care on the part of Ford for this iconic nameplate. They have proven in the past they can do better.

  20. Ike Phipps

    Ike Phipps

    10 hours ago

    For 46k would you pick a genesis gv80 over this?

  21. David Hoopes

    David Hoopes

    10 hours ago

    Wonder what people walking by when they see some dude talking about twinkies in the back of his trunk 😂

  22. Tiffany Arnold

    Tiffany Arnold

    10 hours ago

    I love that we got to see the car, but please can I add USBs in the back??

  23. KingJaffeJoe


    10 hours ago

    Y didnt u down shift man

  24. L B

    L B

    10 hours ago

    Hate the flip sunroof. Come on, can thry have added an electric button on this. It was like the sunroof was an afterthought.

  25. Boyd The Goofball

    Boyd The Goofball

    10 hours ago

    I’m still in love with the GT350 and the Mach 1 just isn’t as sexy to me.

  26. Matt V

    Matt V

    10 hours ago

    Joe would you take a new SS 1LE or lightly used ZL1? Currently in the market for either!

  27. Jimmy Deneus

    Jimmy Deneus

    10 hours ago

    Maybe one day I'll get this car & everything else

  28. Alberto


    10 hours ago

    This a great way to learn english... this the channel I recomend my fellow mexican friends to watch if they wanna learn about cars & speak proper english

  29. dm1927


    10 hours ago

    Said it once and going to say again a rich guy toy..

  30. Erik K.

    Erik K.

    10 hours ago

    Kinda sorta cool

  31. Chris Williams

    Chris Williams

    10 hours ago

    The 340i is way faster than this

  32. Law Eagle

    Law Eagle

    10 hours ago

    This van really lives up to it's carnival name, it has so many attractions just like a carnival.🤯😁

  33. J DUB

    J DUB

    11 hours ago

    My man! another superb review! always liked the V! they hold that value as well! all I wanted as the V wagon and man they are holding that value! Lori again with that camera work! dyno-mite!!! lol !

  34. Josey Wales

    Josey Wales

    11 hours ago

    I love this car. Awesome to see Honda put out something like this

  35. interstellar bull

    interstellar bull

    11 hours ago

    I'm buying this when amc moons. Iykyk.

  36. Marco Romano

    Marco Romano

    11 hours ago

    Cadillac should not be charging the same price as the German imports in my opinion. They should be less

  37. Ashley Peck

    Ashley Peck

    11 hours ago

    Does this trim have the zero gravity seats like the SV does?

  38. Longboii/ Thefitzway

    Longboii/ Thefitzway

    11 hours ago

    Are you at Countryside Mall? I live right by there

  39. mike Ruffo

    mike Ruffo

    11 hours ago

    Stopped watching at $63k

  40. Fenyx Pierce

    Fenyx Pierce

    11 hours ago

    Thanks Lori!

  41. Josey Wales

    Josey Wales

    11 hours ago

    Just funny how you can get an F150 XL with more power and torque than this performance car

  42. Key


    11 hours ago

    90,000 no mam

  43. Gio From Texas

    Gio From Texas

    11 hours ago

    I really like the CT5-V ... 360hp is plenty of power! Driving in the city with traffic there's no stretch of rode to be going over 80mph. If you're not out in the middle of nowhere on a highway. Just saying!

  44. Key


    11 hours ago

    Not the mini bulge 😂😂😅

  45. Adam Myers

    Adam Myers

    11 hours ago

    Great American sport sedan! The Blackwing can t get here soon enough! This one is about my speed, though. Thanks for the review, Joe! Lori, thank you for all you do. The camera work is outstanding, especially considering you don't use a tripod!

  46. antonio cail

    antonio cail

    11 hours ago

    Good video Joe this would be the spec I would buy with red interior good review 👍

  47. Key


    11 hours ago

    That front end is bomb 💣 😍😍 back too

  48. Carmelo Santana

    Carmelo Santana

    11 hours ago

    3.7 0-60 just to hit 110 not amazing, I do understand is a truck But 130 to 140 would be amazing, im just saying.

  49. Frank Ie

    Frank Ie

    11 hours ago

    Give me the old 1st and 2nd gen Escapes, boxy good high ground clearance, able to go offroad a bit. Roomy. Oh wait Ford is giving me that in 2021 it's the new Bronco Sport, same boxy shape, awd, able to go offroad a bit. Well both those escape need to escape. The new one looks to cartoonist. The 2019 generation looked to European

  50. Marvin Murakami

    Marvin Murakami

    11 hours ago

    This is a great looking car. Looks mean like it's saying you better get out of my way.

  51. Daily Driven

    Daily Driven

    11 hours ago

    Looks better than TLX

  52. Rafael Verdejo

    Rafael Verdejo

    11 hours ago

    I love that car Joe but it's too bad there's no head up display. Nowadays it's necessary. You're a good driver joe.

  53. Ricky


    11 hours ago

    That mach 1 side stripe is DELICIOUS 😍

  54. Ernest Cassell

    Ernest Cassell

    11 hours ago

    Thank you for reviewing more domestic sedans and SUVs.

  55. David Holder

    David Holder

    11 hours ago

    Those wheels are absolutely the ugliest wheels Ford has ever put on a Mustang. Color is great. That gold stripe ruins the entire look.

  56. skrr skrr

    skrr skrr

    11 hours ago

    this car is so sick man

  57. mrchewylemonhead


    11 hours ago

    I have a '19 RDX ASpec and I'm not a fan of the Adaptive control, where it's mounted. Should've been placed similarly as to how they did the '19 TLX ASpec near the button near the transmission. So much easier to maneuver. Nevertheless, I've should've waited before purchasing the TLX ASpec. The TypeS is gon' sell like crack to a crack head for the Acura Enthusiast, such as myself.

  58. ap


    11 hours ago

    you sold me on getting the Shelby GT350R, you also sold me on getting a GT3, my 2022 911 992 GT3 is on order and will be arriving in so cal in October. My options I picked, guards red exterior, aurum wheels, carbon fiber bucket seats, and of course a 6 speed manual because I like to row my own gears! Can't wait! I feel so blessed that I am in a position to obtain such cars in my life at the age of 37. I never thought I'd make it this far to get to enjoy these types of experiences! Mine won't be a garage queen, it will be driven like my shelby and taken to the track as much as possible.

  59. Fabian Vazquez

    Fabian Vazquez

    11 hours ago

    How has joe not reached 1 million subscribers. His reviews are truly one of the best out there. He takes his time explaining the car from top to bottom. Guys subscribe to his channel, let’s help him get to a million. He deserves it. ❤️❤️❤️

  60. NatedoggC2250


    11 hours ago

    Yeah that's a sharp looking stang.

  61. CJ


    11 hours ago

    You made more laps in that car than any other car you have reviewed lol.

  62. Pope Symbolism

    Pope Symbolism

    11 hours ago

    Raitis ride is the best I swear I just watch it for fun at this point xD If you see this raitis I need help picking a car to get next: Inbetween a wildtrak bronco, or a e63s amg. They’re both what I drool over daily and I can get either but not both :( haha so it’s a tough choice! Thank you for all the videos you do though I really enjoy your channel. By FAR you’re the ONLY car channel I watch. Nobody else seems passionate like you and I feel that in the videos

  63. michel Gerard

    michel Gerard

    11 hours ago

    It may look better, is roomier, BUT better performance than bmw m340...I think not..still a nice vehicle. Nice video JOE and Lori.

  64. Michael Z

    Michael Z

    11 hours ago

    "When I touch her all these things are happening..."

  65. Norm T

    Norm T

    11 hours ago

    Another notch above Acura TLX Type-S with only a single turbo v6. Same price too!

  66. Mohammad A Wadud

    Mohammad A Wadud

    11 hours ago

    Joe, your a great driver, seeing you dealing with all those turns like a real professional! Also great job to Lori!

  67. Wonka


    11 hours ago

    I’m debating to get this sonata or the 1.6 turbo non hybrid

  68. *Lightning Fast*

    *Lightning Fast*

    11 hours ago

    Man they could have dressed up the engine it's filthy, for such a pinnacle car its an embarrassment. Comment was not direct at Joe but the dealership.

  69. Jennifer Kluever

    Jennifer Kluever

    11 hours ago

    Great review! Thank you for going in depth with the car and zooming in so we could see the tiny details 🙌🏻

  70. Ramon Carter

    Ramon Carter

    11 hours ago

    I remember once up a time Cadillac was the older people cars after decades later its now the younger generation with lots of technology along with other luxury models see Cadillac is a hot seller though GM vehicle definitely part from Chevrolet and others since Buick stop making sedans at least can keep Cadillac sedans alive so could compete with BMW other top of the line luxury brands.

  71. Sushi


    11 hours ago

    Toyota Camry XSE with 6 cyl (no turbo) is still better.

  72. Zack S

    Zack S

    11 hours ago

    Drive it like a giveaway! YEAH!!!! Tremec makes this car

  73. GT6SuzukaTimeTrials


    11 hours ago

    If the Kona N comes with a manual transmission, I'm buying it over a Civic Type R.

  74. Christopher Pruitt

    Christopher Pruitt

    12 hours ago

    "10 inches of visual pleasure" "Someone like myself with bigger feet" "Don't stick anything in there, it'll hurt" Joe, you trying to tell us something?😳

    • Raiti's Rides

      Raiti's Rides

      10 hours ago

      You are freaking hilarious!

  75. Random MTB

    Random MTB

    12 hours ago

    Great review as always, I'd take this over several in it's class. And decent MPG at 18.

  76. John Maurer

    John Maurer

    12 hours ago

    What's the price?

  77. Todd Clark

    Todd Clark

    12 hours ago

    Classy ride joe wheels are cool but they need to be Chrome well crap Joe it really needs to be super charged

  78. Orion


    12 hours ago

    This is one sexy Mustang!!! Velocity Blue is my absolute favorite color for it.🔥🔥🔥🔥

  79. Cryptic


    12 hours ago

    Me, my dad, and my stepmom decided to take a look at one of these at the local dealership (her son in laws family owns the dealership, so they let test drive cars for the night and usually give us good trade in deals) and decided to take it for a test spin. Within 5 minutes she said “yup I’m buying this”