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  1. Karla K Fox

    Karla K Fox

    13 hours ago

    Very impressed. A very nice young well rounded young woman!

  2. Jordan Ashford

    Jordan Ashford

    13 hours ago

    Dolly Parton can say fivelet, and we accept it. No questions asked.

  3. Maxine


    13 hours ago

    The only thing I like about uniforms are that you don't have to mess up your closet like a tornado happening, and not needing to choose our own clothes

  4. Karla Castillo

    Karla Castillo

    13 hours ago

    I love how she says their name makes them feel just how special and unique they are 🥺

  5. Yall Fo Real

    Yall Fo Real

    13 hours ago

    Love her, but her weave is out of control. And not needed. At all, way to long and fake looking. Just saying

  6. Kar rl

    Kar rl

    13 hours ago

    we r still wearing these .w.

  7. Suavelle Adams

    Suavelle Adams

    13 hours ago

    Simone you should encourage your Little sister to Keep on Flipping !

  8. Avada Kedavra

    Avada Kedavra

    13 hours ago

    Ron Wealsey. Harry Potter. Cedric Diggory. Fred and George Weasley. change my mind

  9. Pamela Dishman Owens

    Pamela Dishman Owens

    14 hours ago

    Great interview! Good info to know.

  10. Krissy likes Bleach

    Krissy likes Bleach

    14 hours ago

    Uterus: do you want a child? he has cute eyes and all your genes Lady: no thanks I don't have the money Usterus: if i heard right you just asked to bleed for nearly a month

  11. Danny mahé

    Danny mahé

    14 hours ago

    She's absolutely gorgeous. Her eyes are magical.

  12. Damien Mc near

    Damien Mc near

    14 hours ago

    Sharks machines Utah sharks machines Utah sharks machines Utah sharks machines Utah sharks

  13. CT1010101


    14 hours ago

    Uhh how did her bf not know who she was? Did he live under a rock or does he actively avoid women's sports?

  14. D Mars

    D Mars

    14 hours ago

    Jesus loves you❤️

  15. Lety P

    Lety P

    14 hours ago

    I’m obsessed with Adriana thoooo 👀 🤩

  16. Aria


    14 hours ago


  17. Alex • Flips

    Alex • Flips

    14 hours ago

    “I did a double back off of this platform and I got in trouble for it... but the internet thought it was cool” 😂 I love that what a vibe

  18. MonTeDra 24

    MonTeDra 24

    14 hours ago

    Queen keep inspiring a nation *insert heart emoji

  19. taylorandcarolina


    14 hours ago

    Sorry to hear what your sister went through. Sorry for the horrible stuff you went through. Thank you for taking the time to share.

  20. bene ebos

    bene ebos

    14 hours ago

    Gymnastics is not a sport ? Uff, go try..

  21. Sarah the Book Nerd

    Sarah the Book Nerd

    14 hours ago

    The comment about gymnastics not being a sport, I think some people in these comments forgot what this video is supposed to be? Or at the very least misinterpreted it because I didn't see that as a "troll." They asked for gymnastic myths, and it not being a sport is a pretty big one.

  22. Scarlett Foster

    Scarlett Foster

    15 hours ago


  23. oof toot

    oof toot

    15 hours ago

    they would be a really cute couple!! i loved them on the show and they are so sweet irl

  24. Adrienne Melodia

    Adrienne Melodia

    15 hours ago

    she's so awesomeeee I love her so much

  25. C'est moi, Danilla !💋

    C'est moi, Danilla !💋

    15 hours ago

    Simone, you are a Godess !! ❤❤❤

  26. Sham9909


    15 hours ago

    I like her a lot!

  27. David Eggleston

    David Eggleston

    15 hours ago

    Myth: Gymnasts retire at a young age. Simone: False, near the end of our careers, we can always go to college at around the normal age and retire at the ripe old age of 23.

  28. xue 717

    xue 717

    15 hours ago

    Love to Simone!!!! However, Simone, you pronounce not Tukachev, but Tkachev, with emphasis on "a". This is how Russian names are.

  29. Iconic Barbs toasted buns

    Iconic Barbs toasted buns

    15 hours ago

    Gosh she’s so beautiful I clicked on the video without even reading the title I was just struck with her beauty

  30. Andrea Bird

    Andrea Bird

    15 hours ago

    LOVE her! What a fantastic role model, promoting positive mental health ❤️

  31. Idiot Idiot

    Idiot Idiot

    15 hours ago

    I always thought sports meant bring able to actually influence or impede your opponent's strategy speed skill or strength etc...not being a completely subjective competition. I skateboard for over 20 years. Skateboarding isn't a sport either. Its a highly physically and mentally demanding hobby (if you choose to do more than just ride and constantly learn new tricks). Not a sport. Chess is more of a sport than both.

  32. Gary Balanesi

    Gary Balanesi

    15 hours ago

    Take care of yourself. Thanks for being so honest. You are great.

  33. katyhart47


    15 hours ago

    This look! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  34. Random Stuff I Like.

    Random Stuff I Like.

    15 hours ago

    Simone is so beautiful and talented love her so much!!!

  35. somara plaster-moe

    somara plaster-moe

    15 hours ago

    “I don’t wanna die, I just want to jump off” literally my exact thought everyday

  36. Jacqui Linder

    Jacqui Linder

    15 hours ago

    Beautiful strength grace and feminine power. Great role model.

  37. dasein claire

    dasein claire

    15 hours ago

    She is so beautiful.

  38. Prime Example

    Prime Example

    15 hours ago

    It was too short. I want more!!!!

  39. Candace H

    Candace H

    15 hours ago

    The spatula!!!😂

  40. Kate Li

    Kate Li

    15 hours ago

    "But let me tell you, if you gain three pounds, it's a little harder to swing on those bars." - @08:26 i don't know why but the way she said this so matter of factly just made me crack up

  41. Star Girls

    Star Girls

    15 hours ago

    THIS is the type of person young girls should be looking up to, not rude pop diva's.

  42. Abdi Mahamud Bile

    Abdi Mahamud Bile

    15 hours ago

    Prophet Muhammed pbuh said: "whoever among you wakes up in the morning secure in his dwelling, healthy in his body, and he has food his for the day then it is as if whole world have been given to him" . And yeah the Life is of this :Security, healthy and food Combined Only nothing more so I think there is nothing to regret of if you got these 3 one day of your Life because there is many people that cannot get this Together!!!!

  43. Kayla Ball

    Kayla Ball

    15 hours ago

    Shes so feminine and has killer arms! Goals!

  44. Rose Valerio

    Rose Valerio

    15 hours ago

    Such a true inspiration, beautiful inside & out... LOVING the mermaid hair! 💖

  45. Shiny Catcher Christy

    Shiny Catcher Christy

    15 hours ago

    So was she tired and hungry during this whole interview?

  46. Ciaonte Young

    Ciaonte Young

    16 hours ago

    The valuable haircut potentially switch because pea likely guarantee save a understood sandra. dreary, far list

  47. ♡¿MirandaT¿♡


    16 hours ago

    I didn't know she was that tiny 😔💕💕

  48. Rxpetalz


    16 hours ago

    When I realize I’m not in pro lvl in ballet but that’s exactly what I do:

  49. yannick dublin

    yannick dublin

    16 hours ago

    Are you still skating ?

  50. chong Ching

    chong Ching

    16 hours ago

    Whenever I'm down, watching them makes my mood go 📈📈📈📈

  51. Alana Marie

    Alana Marie

    16 hours ago

    I’ve never seen her hair down! Her weave looks gorgeous!!!

  52. Eman Khan

    Eman Khan

    16 hours ago

    Giving old lady a seat on subway 🥺

  53. YoshIsGr8 SSBU

    YoshIsGr8 SSBU

    16 hours ago

    I never thought how much a phrase could tell you about a person

  54. Eman Khan

    Eman Khan

    16 hours ago

    Why ppl are so into pyramids 🤧💀

  55. Ari Wenger

    Ari Wenger

    16 hours ago

    shes so sincere!!! how refreshing and informative

  56. Beth Bosheers

    Beth Bosheers

    16 hours ago

    Simone, You are such a beautiful and brilliant young woman! Thank you for representing your self, your family and our United States of America. 🇺🇸🙏🏼❤️😎💪🏻

  57. The Grandy

    The Grandy

    16 hours ago


  58. Ceaser Ortiz

    Ceaser Ortiz

    16 hours ago

    Who gives a Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo Her November India Golf Golf Echo Romeo brother murdered 3 people

  59. Ari Wenger

    Ari Wenger

    16 hours ago

    i could listen to her all day long. the desire is only rivaled by my desire to watch her do her thang all day long

  60. Eman Khan

    Eman Khan

    16 hours ago

    I don't really hava crush cause that would be embarrassing.. Oh boy💀😂

  61. M. A.

    M. A.

    16 hours ago

    This is not how i get mine... My period usually lasts 30-35 days and i get it every 3 months Should i see a doctor??

  62. Gerardo Salas

    Gerardo Salas

    16 hours ago


  63. S H

    S H

    16 hours ago

    I love her 😍

  64. SANDRA P


    16 hours ago

    I just can't get enough of Simone. She's amazing!!! It will be a sad day when she retires but thank goodness we still have youtube videos to watch her over and over. All the best Simone Biles!!!! 🤎🥇

  65. Maria Cantu

    Maria Cantu

    16 hours ago

    My cousins PE teacher is Married to Simone Biles Brother 🤯 lol

  66. Unknown


    16 hours ago

    How about this one, are all gymnast in the Olympics on steroids?

    • Adison Felkey

      Adison Felkey

      16 hours ago

      Tbh, I don’t think so, coz they gained muscle throughout their career. but definitely not ALL but some or few

  67. Chalk CEO

    Chalk CEO

    16 hours ago

    Not buying bitcoin in 2009 when its 15 btc for 1 usd

  68. Noey


    16 hours ago

    I love when the Olympics come back and gym content picks up again-she’s amazing. I can’t wait to see what they do!

  69. Jess_Marie_G


    16 hours ago

    What a champ!

  70. CAM Banks

    CAM Banks

    16 hours ago

    What a champion truly looks like 🐐

  71. Bridget Schaller

    Bridget Schaller

    16 hours ago

    What a true queen love her!!

  72. Mary Clark

    Mary Clark

    16 hours ago

    It’s ost I don’t watch gymnastics . But you see those muscles, gymnastics is definitely a sport. Sounds like something a guy came up with because he couldn’t fathom a woman actually working and succeeding at being an athlete.

  73. Mrs. Chick

    Mrs. Chick

    16 hours ago

    There is only one right answer. It's BRENDON URIE.

  74. Landagne


    16 hours ago

    ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍 good luck in Japan!

  75. YouAre Enough

    YouAre Enough

    16 hours ago

    She is so pretty.