Amber Scholl

Amber Scholl


I'm Amber, and I'm literally broke. Lol.

(ok ok, not so much anymore - but when I started this channel, I most certainly was lol.)

And that inspired me to learn how to be broke and boujee, & I've discovered I have quite the talent for making life luxurious on a dime. So, here are my tips on how to live your life like the queen you are! (even when there's $20 in your bank account lol)

Hope you enjoy my crazy nonsense as much as I enjoy sharing it with you. All the love.


Twitter/Insta: @AmberScholl



  1. Taylor Nelson

    Taylor Nelson

    6 hours ago

    Can you sell your old chanel sneakers???

  2. Megan Kerr

    Megan Kerr

    6 hours ago

    Amazing architecture and the stores are gorgeous!in NYC. George must be happy you are home. Miss seeing his adorableness

  3. P


    6 hours ago

    Love your videos. ❤️❤️

  4. Daniel Yee

    Daniel Yee

    6 hours ago

    The rhinestones chanel mini rectangular look soo good. I thought u bought that😭

  5. Greene Micel

    Greene Micel

    6 hours ago

    I would have bought you this

  6. The World of Us

    The World of Us

    6 hours ago

    Amber can you help me pay for school🥲

  7. Monica Cabrales

    Monica Cabrales

    6 hours ago

    Amber you should start your own clothing brand!!!!😍⚡

  8. Iriana Robledo Rendon

    Iriana Robledo Rendon

    6 hours ago

    Amber is the human version of Dory

  9. Maheen Ahmed

    Maheen Ahmed

    6 hours ago

    Ooo I really liked those birdcage bags. They’re definitely statement prices

  10. Rahman


    7 hours ago

    Cant believe same girl who use to make broke bitch DIY. So happy for you bby :")

  11. chris


    7 hours ago

    Shut up a video with Carli mom and amber my faves 🙏🏼❤️

  12. HeyThereMamaBear B

    HeyThereMamaBear B

    7 hours ago

    I read the T&CO plates as “Tacos” and I was deeply curious when Tiffany and Co invested in over the top Taco plates but then I realized I couldn’t read 😅😅😅

  13. Donna Chevalier

    Donna Chevalier

    7 hours ago


  14. Starlight3ag


    7 hours ago

    When she showed Colby the swimsuit “ just for fun” you can’t tell me she didn’t know what she was doing....I mean Colby is the hottest there....what a coincidence that she showed him it haha

  15. Angie McClaine

    Angie McClaine

    7 hours ago

    Amber I am so very happy for you!! Go get um queen!!!!!

  16. Starlight3ag


    7 hours ago

    She’s really putting these guys in a hard position 😭😭like with a swimsuit? Like bruh

  17. JormarieElizabeth


    7 hours ago

    Carli !!! Omg I can not wait for that video!! 🥲🥲🥲

  18. Paulina Acosta

    Paulina Acosta

    7 hours ago

    I know that’s a beautiful hotel but it kind of gives me horror movie vibes

  19. FreedomWriter3


    7 hours ago

    "If Mr. Bigg had ever left me at the alter, I would've killed him." *Big nutty smile* 😂😂

  20. Alyssa Orlanes

    Alyssa Orlanes

    7 hours ago

    you sound like Charlotte York with the raspy voice

  21. Christel


    7 hours ago

    That fluffy white shoulder bag tho🔥🔥

  22. Christel


    7 hours ago

    Yay! Picked up my phone & thought i wanna,see Amber to start my day & you were the 1st vid to pop up💝 Now to watch it😍

  23. jyoti1968


    8 hours ago

    I have to are such a positive person....always praising and being amazed by everything and finding the good in everything

  24. Lulu Redmond

    Lulu Redmond

    8 hours ago

    Why do I feel like all her shopping sprees are “no budget”💀💀

  25. Joanne


    8 hours ago

    Me stupidly smiling the entire time

  26. Queenie H.

    Queenie H.

    8 hours ago

    Obsessed with those Chanel sneakers! 😩

  27. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion

    8 hours ago


  28. 4CullensandaBlack


    8 hours ago

    Amber you should turn the hidden room in the Sky Castle into a dressing room with a rotating mirror door between it and the closet.

  29. Katarina J

    Katarina J

    8 hours ago

    “White Amber.....that’s me!” Lmao too perfect

  30. Kash Money

    Kash Money

    8 hours ago

    How many people are serving food in this

  31. G Anne2021

    G Anne2021

    8 hours ago

    amber is exactly what the inside of my head sounds like when I shop LMAO

  32. †花


    8 hours ago

    Amber cured my depression yet again

  33. Sarra Brass

    Sarra Brass

    8 hours ago

    Amber makes me happy, inspired, yet a lil sad cause I want to all that stuff she snagged ✋😩 I'll get there one day

  34. Stephen Piedra

    Stephen Piedra

    8 hours ago

    So amazing do a viewer giveaway

  35. M. Gammon

    M. Gammon

    8 hours ago


  36. Tiya Kamilah

    Tiya Kamilah

    8 hours ago

    I LOOOOOVVEE WATCHING HER SHOP!! It really does satisfy my broke ass soul! 😫❤️❤️

  37. Jennifer Ciuciu

    Jennifer Ciuciu

    8 hours ago

    i love tou

  38. Cool Fighter

    Cool Fighter

    8 hours ago

    You should just move to new York

  39. ΗΔηηΔΗ


    8 hours ago

    im getting second hand embarrassment from her struggling I'm sorry😩

  40. Shelby


    8 hours ago

    What ever happened to your cartoon story times?

  41. Yxxngg.cherri


    8 hours ago

    I FRICKN LOVE UUU😩 <33 .

  42. Meghan Augustyn

    Meghan Augustyn

    8 hours ago

    That bag just looks like it’s going to get matted lol

  43. michelle zheng

    michelle zheng

    8 hours ago

    Amber is like the Chanel queen bro like she just chilling with a Chanel umbrella 💜

  44. Sidney Stevens

    Sidney Stevens

    8 hours ago

    I just hope u got the fuzzy Chanel

  45. Amber Littman

    Amber Littman

    8 hours ago

    Can you bring me on your shipping spree next time lol love you!!! 😘😘

  46. Laecy Turner

    Laecy Turner

    9 hours ago

    I wonder what it’s like to not have a budget

  47. Rose Dsouza

    Rose Dsouza

    9 hours ago

    The best part is I stay in India and I work for New York I am just done with my shift it’s 4:30 am here and there is evening well it’s evening for me also so yeah 😌

  48. googie ِ

    googie ِ

    9 hours ago


  49. Marta Catela

    Marta Catela

    9 hours ago

    Amber, you HAVE to do an ✨ update bag collection✨ like for yesterday!!! Kisses from Portugal🌸

  50. Celine Bisoux

    Celine Bisoux

    9 hours ago

    I read pizza hotel first.. I was like yes girl

  51. Nardie capellan

    Nardie capellan

    9 hours ago

    Somehow it’s like store things she bought in NYC are way prettier then LA’s. No hate but it’s like in nyc you want to buy just everything.

  52. Meghan Augustyn

    Meghan Augustyn

    9 hours ago

    Her friends looks so uncomfortable 🤣🤣

  53. fami sj

    fami sj

    9 hours ago

    her omg sounds like kim k

  54. Samantha Lundberg

    Samantha Lundberg

    9 hours ago

    Loving this 👌🏼👌🏼

  55. tiona


    9 hours ago


  56. robbierohn123


    9 hours ago

    Wow, congratulations hon, I connect with what u saying💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  57. Forever Young

    Forever Young

    9 hours ago

    no budget shopping spree spends: 5735 dollars lol

  58. Venus Tang

    Venus Tang

    9 hours ago

    take a shot every time amber says “oh my god” 😂

  59. missadorkablekitty


    9 hours ago

    You say "oh my God" or "omg" so many times it sounds like you are in church or having sex hahaha! I'm glad you enjoyed your shopping spree!

  60. Zyanya♡


    9 hours ago

    Being proud of Amber for living her dreams is the mood♡

  61. Mya Bella

    Mya Bella

    9 hours ago

    I want to shop with amber so bad😭🤍✨

  62. Billie B

    Billie B

    9 hours ago

    I just wish to be successful enough to rival amber in a shopping spree ! ❤🌟❤🌟

  63. AlexRenae2


    9 hours ago

    Ahhh Amber and Carli!!! My Heart can't take it!!!!😍😭🤧

  64. Englishana English

    Englishana English

    9 hours ago

    I kinda miss Amber doing less expensive shopping

  65. Me Smith

    Me Smith

    9 hours ago

    Goodwill or thrift store.

  66. BlackVenus


    9 hours ago

    A lot of Chanel’s clothing makes you looks older than you usually are because of the tweeds and other materials they use, so it’s harder to appeal to a younger audience, but the accessories definitely do the job. Noir is a store Moira Rose would definitely shop in. (Schitts creek)

  67. Jennifer Givens

    Jennifer Givens

    9 hours ago

    This shopping spree is shopping goals

  68. Andreja Bradshaw

    Andreja Bradshaw

    10 hours ago

    I thought the thrifting video was it for New York and amber I was so sad hahaha

  69. Lyn Santiago

    Lyn Santiago

    10 hours ago

    This gives me Hannah Montana vibes so hard…

  70. Nola Monahan

    Nola Monahan

    10 hours ago

    I love all the new things you bought for us girl. Cause I live viciously through you. Lol you continue to work hard and deserve everything you've worked for never give up on yourself stay positive. So happy for you. Enjoy watching you.

  71. Lillllly


    10 hours ago

    I love how your so adorable and confident while vlogging outside 🥰😄



    10 hours ago

    I love your videos soooo much BUT, and I know I am going to get a lot of hate for this, I just wish you said less 'O my God' in your video's lately... Please try counting the amount of times😟 been watching your videos for years by the way🎀

  73. Olivia Sandberg

    Olivia Sandberg

    10 hours ago

    i love how humble you are, you can go on no budget shopping trips but you still look for the sales and you aren't scared to be goofy in public, i love that you aren't snobby it's so refreshing

  74. Apple C10

    Apple C10

    10 hours ago

    I see what style your going for in your home, & I think it’s absolutely beautiful! Have you thought about getting an interior designer? They will be able to take your taste & ideas and make it gorgeous 😁

  75. luv letter

    luv letter

    10 hours ago


  76. Olivia Sandberg

    Olivia Sandberg

    10 hours ago

    lmao that one dude saying excuse me while you're just tryna try shoes on

  77. Kimber Wolf

    Kimber Wolf

    10 hours ago

    I wish I could shop without feeling guilty. But I can't so shop for me amber! Lol

  78. Zeina Alsabbagh

    Zeina Alsabbagh

    10 hours ago

    After her shopping addiction video, I started looking differently at every shopping haul she does. I wonder how much everything she buys is going to worth after couples of years... Such a smart lady.

  79. bommerla tejeswini

    bommerla tejeswini

    10 hours ago


  80. Paigethemermaid


    10 hours ago

    Me and you have such similar tastes in decor and such it's crazy. Only difference is I'm broke so I can't live out the fantasy 😂😂